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Encontrei este grupo “IGDA Climate Special Interest Group” que é um SIG e que se debruça sobre: “serves to unlock grassroots climate action, enable climate councils on every major game company, and amplify the UN Environment’s message about youth advocacy, the power of video games, the climate crisis, and what games can do.”

têm produzidos vários documentos bem como alguns videos sobre o tema de desenvolvimento de videojogos. Mais um recursos sobre este tema!!

+infos(oficial): https://www.igdaclimatesig.org/


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Game Documentation (mais um video)

Mais um video encontrado para relembrar alguns dos aspectos acerca do desenvolvimento de um videojogos, que é o de manter um histórico acerca do que se vai fazendo.

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kenney partilhou mais coisas gratuitamente..

A malta do Kenney partilhou recentemente e por conta de um aniversário mais coisas de forma gratuita :) é só consultar, fazer o download e usar.

+infos(oficial): https://kenney.nl/assets/

e já agora fica a partilha do endereço da comunidade Pixeland https://pixeland.io/ têm um blog interessante com uns posts com informação bastante interessantein

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The Pyramid of Game Design

Gostava de ter acesso a este livro “The Pyramid of Game Design” de Nicholas Lovell:

“Game design is changing. The emergence of service games on PC, mobile and console has created new expectations amongst consumers and requires new techniques from game makers.

In The Pyramid of Game Design, Nicholas Lovell identifies and explains the frameworks and techniques you need to deliver fun, profitable games. Using examples of games ranging from modern free-to-play titles to the earliest arcade games, via PC strategy and traditional boxed titles, Lovell shows how game development has evolved, and provides game makers with the tools to evolve with it.

Harness the Base, Retention and Superfan Layers to create a powerful Core Loop.
Design the player Session to keep players playing while being respectful of their time.
Accept that there are few fixed rules: just trade-offs with consequences.
Adopt Agile and Lean techniques to “learn what you need you learn” quickly
Use analytics, paired with design skills and player feedback, to improve the fun, engagement and profitability of your games.
Adapt your marketing techniques to the reality of the service game era
Consider the ethics of game design in a rapidly changing world.
Lovell shows how service games require all the skills of product game development, and more. He provides a toolset for game makers of all varieties to create fun, profitable games. Filled with practical advice, memorable anecdotes and a wealth of game knowledge, the Pyramid of Game Design is a must-read for all game developers.

+infos(editora): LINK


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How to publish mobile game, and avoid making my mistakes por u/litemesa

Gostei da seguinte partilha..

Hey game devs, I would like to share my story of a game launch. I would like to tell about traps, lie in wait for indie-developer while he works with publisher.

Story of my game has started in 2015 – I’ve started learning Unity3d, and as a result I made my first (actually, second, which I’m not shy to show) game: Out of Brakes – runner, where player drives a car and must avoid obstacles, while speed constantly increases:

Out of Brakes gameplay

Development took about a year. Then I decided to launch it by myself: I thought I made super-duper-awesome game, killer of Crossy Road and so on. I thought I didn’t need a publisher and game will be a hit as soon as I press “Publish” button. Well, that was a good experience: I could throw a stone in the ocean storm – the impact would be the same as self-launch. This experience was very helpful, and I started to think more practically: we often hear success stories from here and there, and we think we can repeat them easily, missing a lot of details and complexity by the way, focusing on results – success.

Thus, wiping tears from face and analyzing situation I understood 3 things:

  1. Safety in numbers – develop game by yourself – it’s fun, but not very productive

  2. I need a publisher – he can value the game unprejudiced, and advice on what should be improved, he can create a marketing strategy and increase chances of featuring

  3. I need to continue creating games in the same genre and setting – this shortens development time and produces results quicker, thereby decreases risk of fails

I took these points into account while developing next game – Blocky Racing

This time the game was developed by two people, game was based on original Out of Brakes – this allowed us to focus on gameplay, and evolve runner into racing game with tracks, rivals and car’s upgrades. When development was done, we started looking for a publisher.

Eventually, triumph of indie-developer: after dozens of press-releases, negotiations and rejections the publisher was found, agreement signed, game released and even featured in AppStore – we were over the moon! But, as we soon discovered, fly of ointment awaited us in the future.

Few words about publisher: Malaysian publisher NexxStudio (http://www.nexxstudio.com), that specializes on mobile casual games. To all appearances NexxStudio consists from one person – Mr. Ken Neth Wong.

After the game launch (January 2018) pace of work increased: work on bugs, work on new features and so on.

As well, we were waiting for 2 months period from launch date – approximately at this time publisher should send us first Report about income and expenses, and we could get our first earnings. And from this point the most interesting part has started: publisher began to delay with Reports. At first, he wrote that Ad Networks didn’t provide him data about earnings still, then – that he was on game conference and didn’t have time to calculate income, then – that he was super busy with launching of another game and so on and so on. At the same time, we actively worked on patch releases: “make haste while the sun shines” – said publisher… we awoke in September of 2018 – we realized we needed help.

We found a lawyer, and when she read the contract, she became horrified: neither point of contract defended developer’s rights, and on the contrary: 100% points of contract defended publisher against developer.

In this situation the lawyer advised us not to make any sudden moves, and try to negotiate. Pace of development started to slowdown: publisher was giving us the runaround about Reports, we were promising him new builds. At the same time NexxStudio got notification from developer of another mobile game: they claimed, that title Blocky Racing breaks their TM of game Blocks Racer, and that we should remove or rename our game.

We started work on new patch: we were changing title Blocky Racing to Blocks Racing, and publisher was assuring us that he will prepare all Reports, calculate all earnings and send us our share. He sent us advance $4k as a gesture of goodwill. We listened open-mouthed, launched a patch, after that publisher got in touch with us a few times, and in December of 2018 even wrote, quotation:

“I’ve missed the few deadline that I’ve set and given you. Can you give me one more weekend to address it? Otherwise we will terminate the contract and in turn you are free to republish it (you will still be entitled to the money owed to you). Hope that’s a fair self declared ultimatum”

Of course, the weeks went by – no more actions from publisher’s side, and he stopped communicating with us at all.

From this situation we draw a few conclusions:

  1. Draw up contracts with a lawyer – it helps to avoid many problems

  2. Discuss list of changes you have to implement before launch, and state them in the Agreement: publisher promised us that we would launch the game in 2-3 month period, but in reality it took a whole year, and most of the time we were waiting for his feedback

  3. Know all the answers – when you see problems, don’t work by inertia, do something over inaction

  4. Sadly, but there are a lot of bad people in the world – they don’t play by the rules and we need to keep this in mind

Thus, it’s been over a year from the launch date. The game hasn’t been updated for a long time, monthly earnings drop to $1.5k.

It has been an apathy period, I thought I need to condone with failure, and move forward: do the things I like, develop new games and choose publisher smartly next time. Gross income, based on data from App Annie is about $50k. This is not the amount of money to go to Court – I thought.

But, at some point of time I realized, that this is MY game, MY intellectual property and MY wasted time, and I realized it’s worth fighting for.

I want to achieve next:

  1. NexxStudio should remove game from stores and stop benefit of my game

  2. NexxStudio should pay our share from game earnings

  3. Popularize consequences of my work with NexxStudio

Our lawyer worked up next strategy:

  1. Send Claim Letter to NexxStudio: we notify Mr. Ken Neth Wong, that he violates the Agreement, and if he does not perform his duties during a month, we break the Agreement unilaterally

  2. If NexxStudio ignores Claim Letter, we break the Agreement and notify publisher about this

  3. Agreement states that all claims should be considered only by California Court, USA. In this case we need help of Law Firm from USA, which could act on behalf of my name against NexxStudio, and proceed affair to the Court as a last resort

  4. What NexxStudio is doing with developers is a fraud, and we are looking for Malaysian Law Firm to help us to expose this and stop it

Two first points of strategy are already done, and didn’t give any result. I would not like to apply this affair to the Court, because it could take a lot of time and money, but I want to get what I have fairly earned. And I want to stop NexxStudio from making money on developers, like me.

I’m convinced of one thing: the worst scenario, that could be – is doing nothing. I hope this post will draw attention of developers, like me. I’m asking you to help me spread this information. I think, this experience could be helpful for everyone. Thank you all very much!

+infos(fonte reddit.com): LINK

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Mais um livro a ter em conta…

Mais um livro a ter em conta Think Like A Game Designer – The Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking Your Creative Potential de Justin Gary. Apesar de não ser explicitamente para videojogos, fala sobre o assunto de gamedesign. Vou tentar aceder a qualquer coisa e ao índice e verificar se vale a pena.

(07/09/2020) e acho que vale a pena, já que encontrei uma parte do livro de acesso gratuito e do qual consta o seguinte “If you’re interested in learning how to make games, or even if you already do and just want to do it better, this book’s for you“, e “A game designer uses the interaction of players and rules to create an experience for the audience“, e “to become a great game designer: 1. Play lots of games. 2. Watch people play lots of games. 3. Bring awareness to the emotions that arise during play.”…

+infos(oficial): https://www.thinklikeagamedesigner.com/

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Como espalhar a noticia acerca do tal videojogo..

Um gráfico que mostra algumas dicas acerca do desenvolvimento de uma das etapas importantes acerca do desenvolvimento de um videojogo..

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O que fazer para dar vida ao tal videojogo

Mais um gráfico que ilustra algumas ideias acerca do que fazer quando se pretende desenvolver um videojogo…

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Perspectivas de num videojogo

Uma gráfico acerca das perspectivas de um videojogo..

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