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Humble Software Bundle (campanha)

Zenva the Complete Godot Software Bundle Encore

Mais uma campanha por parte da malta da Humble Bundle, desta vez vários cursos para o Godot:
“Master Godot—the lightweight, fast, and free game engine behind hits like Sonic Colors: Ultimate. Whether you want to use the brand new version 4 or the battle-tested version 3, these courses will get you building platformers, RPGs, first-person shooters, city-builders, strategy games, and more—no prior experience required!”

da lista consta:
Godot 3 Game Development for Beginners
Godot 4 Mini-Projects
Create a 2D Platformer with Godot 4
Develop a 3D Platformer with Godot 4
Build a Micro Turn-Based RPG with Godot 4
Real-Time Strategy Game with Godot 4
Intro to Game Design
Level Design for Beginners
Intro to Rigging Models in Blender
Intro to 3D Modeling with Blender
Intro to Pixel Art with Photoshop
Build a First-Person Shooter with Godot 3
Construct a Strategy Game with Godot 3
Create a 2D RPG with Godot 3
Develop a 3D Action RPG with Godot 3
Explore Micro-Survival Games with Godot 4
Create AI NPCs with Godot 4 and ChatGPT
UI/UX for Game Design
Intro to the Game Development Industry
Intro to Godot 4 Game Development

+infos(oficial): LINK

Learn Unity Game development Bundle 2023

Mais uma campanha por parte da malta da Humble Bundle, desta vez vários cursos para o Unity:
“Learn to create games with Unity with these online courses from—including multiple courses being made available for the first time exclusively through Humble Bundle! This comprehensive curriculum covers core skills and advanced concepts for the powerful and popular development platform, and includes assets to help create your game projects. Find out how to make a 2D RPG combat system, VR experience, or turn-based strategy game. Get trained up on visual scripting, multiplayer, network coding, and more.”

da lista consta:
Unity Multiplayer Coding & Networking NGO
Unity 2D RPG: Complete Combat System Course
Unity VR/XR Developer Course
Unity Turn Based Strategy Course
Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D Course
Unity Arcane Accessories 3D Asset Pack
Unity Dungeon Expedition Essentials 3D Asset Pack
Unity Visual Scripting Course
Unity Game Feel Course
Programming Design Patterns For Unity Course
Unity 3D Dungeon Tileset & Asset Pack

+infos(oficial): LINK

Game Dev Royalty Free Mega Bundle Music Bundle

Mais uma campanha por parte da malta da Humble Bundle, desta vez vários ficheiros de audio:
“Craft the soundtrack to your quests, the beats to your battles, and the perfect audio backdrop for your game world with this epic bundle of royalty-free music! This massive bundle features 50 music packs suited for a wide variety of game genres and styles, whether you’re creating an epic fantasy RPG, high-seas pirate adventure, hi-octane action game, or dark horror tale.”

da lista consta:
Beyond The Horizon (epic pirate and adventure music pack)
Cyber Vampire Killer (ambient action music pack)
Freakshow (dark music pack)
Lunacy (dark music pack)
Midnight Worship( horror music pack)
Pandemic (investigation and action music pack)
Paranormal Evening (horror music pack)
Shadows Guild Part 2 (epic and adventure music pack)
Spectre (horror music)
Starfield (space music pack)
The Arkives Chronicles 1 (dark ambient music pack)
Slaughter At The Lake (retro horror music pack)
Forgotten Realms (epic and adventure music pack)
Ethereal Chronicles – RPG Music Collection
Expedition Echoes RPG Music Collection
Galactic Odyssey – Sci-Fi Music Collection
Malevolent Orchestra – Action-RPG Music Collection
Glorious Venture – RPG Piano Music Collection
Brawler Combat Music Collection
RPG Music Bundle: Volume 2
Ultimate Ambient Music Bundle: Vol. 1
Ultimate Ambient Music Bundle: Vol. 2
Shadows Guild Part 3 (epic and adventure music pack)
The 29th Planet (heavy metal music pack)
Slasher (horror music pack)
Witchcraft (horror music pack)
Pixel (retro game music pack)
Dark Skies And Other Disasters (epic action music pack)
Underworld (adventure and epic music pack)
Epic Boss Battles Music Collection
Epic Boss Battles Music Collection 2
Epic Dungeons Mega Music Collection
Epic Dungeons Mega Music Collection 2
Doomed – Heavy Metal Music Collection
Heraldry – Medieval Combat Music Collection
Shooter Background Music Collection
Adventure Game Music Collection
Action RPG Combat Music Collection
Black Sails (epic pirate and adventure music pack)
Shadows Guild (epic and adventure music pack)
The Witching Hour (horror music pack)
Superheroes (epic action music pack)
Jotun (horror music pack)
Ambient Video Game Music – Sailing Ship in a Storm
Ambient Video Game Music – Sailing Ship in a Storm 2
Ambient Video Game Music – Zombie Apocalypse
Ambient Video Game Music – Zombie Apocalypse 2
Ambient Video Game Music – Hellscape
Ambient Video Game Music – Hellscape 2
Horror Game Music Collection

+infos(oficial): LINK

Fantasy and Sci Fi essentials for Unity

Mais uma campanha por parte da malta da Humble Bundle, desta vez vários ficheiros assets Sci Fi para motor da Unreal:
“Propel your Unity game project to new heights of visual fidelity with this massive sci-fi and fantasy asset bundle, crafted by some of the dev scene’s most esteemed content creation studios! You’ll get all the building blocks needed to craft impressive and immersive game worlds, including a vast catalog of sci-fi and fantasy creatures, high-end animation sets for all manner of entities monstrous to mundane, stunning environment packs, and much more.”

da lista consta:
Monsters Full Pack vol 1
Ultimate Animation Collection
Animals Full Pack
Forest environment-Dynamic nature
Monster Sound FX pack 2
Village Interior Kit
Wizard Spells pack
Monster Bundle #8
Weapon and armor pack v 1
Fire & Smoke VFX
Complete Sci FI Gui
Horse Animset Pro
SCi Fi Weapons SFX vol 1
Path Painter 2
Sci Fi Characters Mega Pack vol 1
Lava Environment
Castle Valley Desert Environment
4K full fantasy GUI
HQ realistic explosions
MonsterBundle #2
Ice World
Melee Weapons SFX
Village Exterior Kit
Heroic Fantasy Creatures Full Pack vol 1
Landscapes Ground Pack
Landscape Grounds Pack Vol 2
Catacombs Crypts Interior Kit

+infos(oficial): LINK

Humble Software Bundle: WW2 military assets for Unreal

Mais uma campanha por parte da malta da Humble Bundle, desta vez vários ficheiros assets relacionados com a Segunda Grande Guerra, e para o motor da Unreal:
“Introduce a level of jaw-dropping authenticity to your Unreal Engine game project with this bundle of World War II–themed assets! Included in this package are game-ready models and blueprints for an assortment of weapons and vehicles, a variety of photorealistic environment packages, and more. You’ll get access to 18 jam-packed asset collections that you can implement immediately into your project.”

da lista consta:
Abandoned Russian Buildings
Outpost and Bunker Environment
1940s Abandoned Modular Office
FPS Weapon – Myer1919
FPS Weapon – Ster-550
FPS Weapon – Web-44
FPS Weapon – Bren LMG
FPS Weapon – MAS-44
IS2 – WW2 Tank – Advanced Blueprint Controller
Tiger 2 – WW2 Tank – Advanced Blueprint Controller
M1A1 – WW2 Submachine Gun
FPS Weapon – Mosin Nagant M1891 – WW2 Sniper Rifle
M100 – Military Trailer
Panzer IV – WW2 Tank – Advanced Blueprint Controller
FPS Weapon – Owen Machine Gun
Military Radios
M8A1 – Military Trailer
Sherman M4A2 – WW2 Tank – Advanced Blueprint Controller

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Humble Software Bundle (campanha)

Humble Software Bundle: Spectacular Sounds & Marvelous Music

Mais uma campanha por parte da malta da Humble Bundle, desta vez vários ficheiros de áudio para usar onde se quiser:
“Looking to add some pro-level audio to your game, app, or video project? This bundle of expertly crafted audio assets has the sound effects, voices, ambient sounds, and background music you’ll need to bring a layer of aural polish to your creation. You’ll get the hum and whizz of arcane energy, the crisp flutter of a stack of bills, and weapons fire and melee clanks galore. Get 10,000+ SFX files and 20+ hours of music to cover every genre—even background tracks for your UI.”

da lista consta:
999 Sounds SFX Collection 1
Arcane Activations Magic Sound Library
Retro Game – Platform & Puzzle
Retro Game – Weapons & Fighting
Athletics & Sports SFX Library
Colossal Game Music Collection
Board Games Audio Toolkit
Activation UI HUD SFX
Infographic SFX
Exoplanets – Drones & Atmospheres
Hunter – Military Soldier Voice Pack
Alex – Hero Character Voice Pack
Ultimate Anime Combat Sounds Pack
Medieval Fantasy 2 SFX Pack
Medieval Fantasy 2 Ambience Pack
Epic Asian SFX Pack
Epic Asian Ambience Pack
Weather Sound Effects
Physics Object Interaction SFX
Real Guns Sound Pack
Horror Game Ambient Soundscapes Vol 3
Paranormal Ambient Soundscapes Vol 2
Futuristic Vehicle Engine Sounds
The Mint – Coins & Money
Dystopia Ambience & Drone
Videogame Music Collection
Casual App Positive Male Voice Announcer
Casual App Positive Female Voice Announcer
Combat Game Male Voice Announcer
Sci Fi Guns Sounds Pack
Retro RPG Sounds Bundle
Magic Spells Sound Pack
Magic Heal & Buffs Sounds Pack
Halloween SFX Pack
Puzzle SFX Pack
Card Sound Effects
Survival Sound Effects
Casino Slot Machine SFX
Robot Voices
Kitchen Sound Effects
Epic Voice and Music Pack
Cute Fluffly Char Voice
Classic Workshop Tool Industry SFX
300 Futuristic SFX
33 Cool Background Music
200 Space Sound Effects
1000 Video Game Sound Effects
Water Sounds
Eating & Drinking Sound Effects

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Humble Software Bundle (várias campanhas)

Neste final de ano estão a decorrer várias campanhas no site Humble relacionadas com o desenvolvimento de videojogos. Neste momento:
The no-code GameDev Bundle
Unreal Engine Ultimate Game Dev Assets
Unity Art Bundle Holiday Encore
Unity Tools Bundle Holiday Encore
Unreal Nature & Fantasy Assets

A primeira está relacionada com o uso da plataforma GDevelop “The no-code GameDev Bundle” e da qual consta:

“Want to develop games without having to learn a programming language? Tap into the power of GDevelop, the no-code, open-source, free, and easy game-making app! This bundle features everything you need to get creating fast, including 30 asset packs with over 5000 visual, music, sound, and UI elements, plus sample games to play and provide inspiration. You can also upgrade to get up to 6 months of GDevelop Gold Premium access, unlocking even more app features. Jump into no-code game dev today, and support NPower with your purchase!”
e a lista :
3-Month GDevelop Silver
6-Month GDevelop Gold
Advanced Platformer Template
Air Hockey Game Template
Basic RPG Kit – Tiny Battle Edition
Black Rose 2 EP
Black Rose EP
Boat Game Template
Character Base: Short ‘N’ Stubby
Character Base: Thicc ‘N’ Juicy
Chrome Dinosaur Game Template
Division EP
Foley & Footsteps
GUI Pack: Bars ‘N’ Boxes
GUI Pack: Finger Click ‘N’ Good
Hand-Drawn GUI Kit
Handheld Character Pack Top D
Handheld Town ‘N’ Around
I Know Now, That I will Never Be OK
In Transit
Knife Hit Game Template
Platformer Starter Pack
Red String EP
Rescore II
Spells 2.0
User Interface
Visual Novel Char. Creator
Visual Novel Megabundle
Wasteland Love Notes

+infos(a campanha): LINK

A segunda tem como titulo “Unreal Engine Ultimate Game Dev Assets” e da qual consta:

“Build fantastic worlds in your games with this bundle from Sidearm Studios, curated for Unreal Engine developers! This collection features a wide range of art assets for a variety of genres, including medieval towns, Wild West cities, dark dungeons, and horrific space prisons. You’ll also get a library of visual effects for spells and explosions, along with icons for equipment and characters, to help bring your game to life.”
e a lista:
Ancient Ruins
Ancient Temple
Arabian Palace
Cathedral Of The Dead
Fantasy Forest
Fantasy Magic Forest
Fantasy Stylized Megapack/Open World
Hand Painted Armor & Equipment Icons
Hand Painted Character Avatar Icons – Fantasy
Hand Painted Weapon & Equipment Icons
Horror Cafe
Medieval Castle – Castle/Village Environment
Modular Dungeon – Depths Below
Modular Medieval Stylized Town
Modular Stylized Dungeon
Modular Stylized Medieval Castle
Modular Stylized Medieval Village
Modular Stylized Underwater World
Modular Town: Saint Michel
Niagara AOE Magic Abilities
Niagara Explosions
Niagara Magic Projectiles
Restaurant/Diner Environment
Stylized Forest Pack
Stylized Graveyard
Stylized Trees & Rocks
The Vault: Horror Space Prison
Wild West Sky City

+infos(a campanha): LINK

A segunda tem como titulo “Unity Art Bundle Holiday Encore” e da qual consta:

“Bring your game to life with this bundle of incredible art assets & artists’ tools—specifically curated for Unity creators! Featuring characters, environmental elements, SFX, music, animations, and prefabs, this library of thousands of assets and creative utilities will help you realize game worlds for a wide range of genres.
Build a low-poly 3D dungeon, or craft a lush natural world with an anime-inspired look. Discover loops and tracks to score your horror game, and add the sounds of battle to your fantasy epic. Get menageries of creatures, a fantasy realm’s worth of level-building blocks, and lots more, and help support Gameheads with your purchase!”
e a lista:
Basic Motions
Boing Kit: Dynamic Bouncy Bones, Grass, and More
Brute Force – Snow & Ice Shader
Character Creator 2D
Eternal Temple
Footsteps Sound Pack
Forest animals
Little Dragons: Tiger
Magica Cloth
Map Graph
Meadow Environment – Dynamic Nature
Monster Sounds Pack
Monsters Ultimate Pack 02 Cute Series
Party Monster Rumble PBR
POLYGON Dungeons – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty
Quibli: Anime Shaders and Tools
Quirky Series – Animals Mega Pack Vol.1
Quirky Series – Animals Mega Pack Vol.2
RPG VFX Bundle
Seamless Texture Generator
Toon Fantasy Nature
Total Music Collection
Ultimate Sound FX Bundle

+infos(a campanha): LINK

A segunda tem como titulo “Unity Tools Bundle Holiday Encore” e da qual consta:

“Back for a Holiday Encore! Build the game you’re envisioning with this massive bundle of versatile tools for Unity, the world’s leading platform for real-time content creation! Featuring more than two dozen utilities, systems, and other assets built with game creators in mind, this bundle will help you:
Design levels faster and build 2D and 3D worlds more efficiently
Manage animation and motion more easily
Create effects ranging from lighting to weather-filled skies
Add systems for dialogue, destruction, and more And many more…
Whether you’re dreaming of building a role-playing game, top-down shooter, or sci-fi mech sim, this bundle will help you turn your vision into a reality”
e a lista:
Archimatix Pro
Better UI
Blocks Engine 2
Bones Stimulator
Broccoli Tree Creator
DestroyIt – Destruction System
Dialogue System for Unity
FluXY – 2.5D fluid simulator
Fullscreen Editor
Magic Light Probes
Mech Combat Kit
Performance Tools
Prefab World Builder
Procedural Circular Health Bar Pro
RPG Cameras & Controllers
Script Inspector 3
Smart Lighting 2D
TopDown Engine
Train Controller (Railroad System) ULTIMATE COLLECTION
True Shadow – UI Soft Shadow and Glow
UniStorm – Volumetric Clouds, Sky, Modular Weather, and Cloud Shadows
Very Animation

+infos(a campanha): LINK

A segunda tem como titulo “Unreal nature & Fantasy Assets” e da qual consta:

“Looking for a library of art assets to build your game world in Unreal Engine? Create mountains, meadows, and forests, and populate them with dragons, goblins, rock monsters, and more with this game creator’s bundle!
This collection features high-quality, realistic environment sets for a variety of outdoor locales, including meshes, blueprints, and materials from the artists and developers at Nature Manufacture. You’ll also get a variety of fully animated, high-fidelity, customizable fantasy creatures from Infinity PBR. Get the art you need to start building in Unreal today”
e a lista:
Bone Dragon
Environment Set
Fish Man
Forest – Environment Set
Giant Worm
Graveyard and Nature Set
Ice World
Landscape Ground Pack
Meadow – Environment Set
Mountain – Environment Set
Mushroom Monster
Nature Set
Park Photo Scanned Assets
Plant Monster
Rock Monster
Treant Monster Creature
Winter Ground Pack
Young Dragons

+infos(a campanha): LINK

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Assets de batalhas (WW)

A malta da Synty Store disponibilizou mais um pack de batalha e desta vez com referência à primeira guerra mundial. Para se ter acesso a este pack é necessário já ter o pack de guerra e o custo final de tudo é de:
POLYGON – War Pack – 80 euros
POLYGON – War Map – WWI – 18 euros

Assim e pelo POLYGON – War Map – WWI:

POLYGON – War Pack

+infos(War Map – WWI):

+infos(War Pack):

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