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Humble Software Bundle (campanha)

Humble Software Bundle: Spectacular Sounds & Marvelous Music

Mais uma campanha por parte da malta da Humble Bundle, desta vez vários ficheiros de áudio para usar onde se quiser:
“Looking to add some pro-level audio to your game, app, or video project? This bundle of expertly crafted audio assets has the sound effects, voices, ambient sounds, and background music you’ll need to bring a layer of aural polish to your creation. You’ll get the hum and whizz of arcane energy, the crisp flutter of a stack of bills, and weapons fire and melee clanks galore. Get 10,000+ SFX files and 20+ hours of music to cover every genre—even background tracks for your UI.”

da lista consta:
999 Sounds SFX Collection 1
Arcane Activations Magic Sound Library
Retro Game – Platform & Puzzle
Retro Game – Weapons & Fighting
Athletics & Sports SFX Library
Colossal Game Music Collection
Board Games Audio Toolkit
Activation UI HUD SFX
Infographic SFX
Exoplanets – Drones & Atmospheres
Hunter – Military Soldier Voice Pack
Alex – Hero Character Voice Pack
Ultimate Anime Combat Sounds Pack
Medieval Fantasy 2 SFX Pack
Medieval Fantasy 2 Ambience Pack
Epic Asian SFX Pack
Epic Asian Ambience Pack
Weather Sound Effects
Physics Object Interaction SFX
Real Guns Sound Pack
Horror Game Ambient Soundscapes Vol 3
Paranormal Ambient Soundscapes Vol 2
Futuristic Vehicle Engine Sounds
The Mint – Coins & Money
Dystopia Ambience & Drone
Videogame Music Collection
Casual App Positive Male Voice Announcer
Casual App Positive Female Voice Announcer
Combat Game Male Voice Announcer
Sci Fi Guns Sounds Pack
Retro RPG Sounds Bundle
Magic Spells Sound Pack
Magic Heal & Buffs Sounds Pack
Halloween SFX Pack
Puzzle SFX Pack
Card Sound Effects
Survival Sound Effects
Casino Slot Machine SFX
Robot Voices
Kitchen Sound Effects
Epic Voice and Music Pack
Cute Fluffly Char Voice
Classic Workshop Tool Industry SFX
300 Futuristic SFX
33 Cool Background Music
200 Space Sound Effects
1000 Video Game Sound Effects
Water Sounds
Eating & Drinking Sound Effects

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Humble Software Bundle: Grand Game Dev Tool Box (uma campanha)

Uma campanha da malta da Humble e com o seguinte texto de apresentação:
“All the right tools to make your game. Trying to make your game by rubbing sticks together and bashing a rock on it? This bundle has far better tools for your quest—a grand collection of over $1,000 worth of software and assets!
Create classic isometric role-playing games with RPG Tools. Light up your sprites with SpriteIlluminator. Create striking pixel art with the fun and innovative sprite editor Pixelmash. Explore a vast library of Tiny Tales assets with an included character sprite generator. You’ll also get dozens of music, SFX, and graphic asset packs. Primitive tools are for the birds. And Australopithecine hominids. And maybe raccoons. Evolve your creativity, help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes by supporting JDRF, and make something grand!”

da lista consta:
SpriteIlluminator 1-year license
RPG Tools
CameraBag Photo
EVFX Sanctuary
Nightmares Music Pack Vol. 4
AD Visual Inventory: Containers Vol.1
The Japan Collection: Backgrounds
PVGames RPGTools Series: Apocalypse Tiles Vol. 1
Isometric Dungeon Designer, MEGA MAP PACK
Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.1: Monstrous Uprising
Tiny Tales: 2D Character Generator
Tiny Tales: Human NPC Advanced Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Mega Sprite Pack
Aethereal Planes Battlebacks Vol. 1
Aethereal Planes Battlebacks Vol. 2
Asian Empires Music Pack
VisuStella Atelier: Rocks, Ores, and Minerals
Cute Game Sounds
AD Visual Inventory: Paper Vol.2
AD Visual Inventory: Plants Vol.1
The Japan Collection: Overgrown Backstreets
Cursed Kingdoms – Boss Pack
Tiny Tales 2D Battle Backs Pack Vol.1: World Landscapes
Tiny Tales: Magitek Dynasty NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Monstrous Uprising NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Overworld 2D Tileset Asset Pack
Tiny Tales: Wild Beasts NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: World Map 2D Tileset Asset Pack
EasySTAR Animations – Astrology
Seraph Circle – Monster Pack 4
Cursed Kingdoms Music Pack
Tiny Tales: Beastmen NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Tower 2D Tileset Asset Pack
Retro Future Music Pack
VisuStella Armory: Jewelry Vol.01
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – Pixel-Style 1
Beast / Animals Sounds Volume 1
Healing Spells Sounds
EVFX Slash
PVGames RPGTools Series: Apocalypse Zombies
Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.2: Elemental Forces
Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.3: Wild Beasts
Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.4: Magitek Dynasty
Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.5: Faith and Evil
Tiny Tales: Dungeons Vol.2 2D Tileset Asset Pack
Tiny Tales: Elemental NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Faith and Evil NPC Sprite Pack
SeraphCircle – Pixel Monster I
Cursed Kingdoms Twisted Forest Music Pack
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 6th 50 Monsters (Monster Evolution)
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 5th 50 Monsters (50 Shades of Battle)
Children Game Music
AD Visual Inventory: Paper Vol.1
The Japan Collection: Icons
GalefireRPG Characters NPC pack 2 – “The Crew”
Tiny Tales: Dark Elves NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Dungeons 2D Tileset Asset Pack
Tiny Tales: Human NPC Knights Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Human NPC Nobility Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Orcs NPC Sprite Pack
Valor And Villainy Music Pack
Tyler Warren RPG – 8 Little Monsters and Robots 5 of 10
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 8 Little Monsters and Robots 6 of 10
VisuStella Armory: Firearms Vol.01

+infos(oficial): LINK

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