Humble Software Bundle (campanha)

Uma campanha interessante com vários cursos/recursos sobre programação, IA e ajudas no desenvolvimento de videojogos, “The Complete Learn to Code Bundle“:
“Interested in learning about the intersection of game development and the rapidly advancing technologies driving AI? This bundle of video courses from Mammoth Interactive will get you up to speed! Learn how to implement, manage, and optimize large language models like GPT with the cutting edge toolkit Ollama. Drill down on the basics of popular game engines like Unity, Unreal, and Godot, hone your programming skills in languages like JavaScript and Python, and much more!.”
Da lista surge:
Unreal 5.0 C++ Developer Course
Comprehensive Guide to Local Large Language Models with Ollama – Complete Toolkit (First-Time Exclusive Humble Bundle Release)
Modern Unity AI Bundle with Muse, Stable Diffusion, and CivitAI (First-Time Exclusive Humble Bundle Release)
Unreal Engine 5 AI Development with GPT, Lumen and Nanite (First-Time Exclusive Humble Bundle Release)
OpenAI Vision AI Image Generation – The Complete Bundle (First-Time Exclusive Humble Bundle Release)
Advanced Video Analysis and AI Python App Development with OpenAI Vision (First-Time Exclusive Humble Bundle Release)
Cybersecurity Mastery – Total Data Protection and Advanced Encryption Techniques
Linux Fundamentals for Ethical Hacking – The Complete Journey
The Definitive Beginners Guide to Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT
Midjourney AI Image Generation Mastery – From Beginner to Expert
Automated Game Development in UE5 with ChatGPT – A Comprehensive Bundle
Mastering Business Automation with ChatGPT Prompt Engineering
Creating Dynamic NPC Game Conversations with ChatGPT in UE5 – End-to-End Guide
Build a ChatGPT Clone with Python Custom UI – From Scratch to Advanced
ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Sales – The Ultimate Masterclass
Build a Screenshot to Code OpenAI Python App – Step-by-Step Mastery
Ultimate Cybersecurity Incident Response and Threat Hunting Bundle
The Complete Advanced ReactJS Web Developer Masterclass
Build a ChatGPT Chrome Extension with Python – Full Development Bundle
Comprehensive Guide to Building AI Web Apps with ChatGPT and Python
Edit and Retouch Images with Discord Midjourney AI – Full Bundle
Build Vector Art with Midjourney Artificial Intelligence – Comprehensive Techniques
Multiplayer Game Development in Unreal Engine 5 – The Complete Bundle
Build Online Store with ReactJS FullStack Web Development – End-to-End Mastery
ChatGPT Automated Web Development Guide – Complete Bundle
Unreal Engine 5 Real Time Strategy Game Development – Comprehensive Guide
GDScript Programming in Godot 4 For Everyone – Full Bundle
Multiplayer Programming in Godot 4 in 3D Platformer – Complete Training
Build RPG in Godot 4 – Full Bundle From Beginner to Advanced
Build a Survival Game in Godot 4 – Comprehensive Development Guide
Build Machine Learning Models and Neural Networks – Total Mastery Bundle
JavaScript for Beginner to Advanced – The Complete Journey
ChatGPT Prompts and Best Practices for Python Coders – Complete Guide
Web Design with Advanced CSS – Comprehensive Mastery
Build Websites with JavaScript and Tailwind CSS – The Ultimate Guide
Python Data Science Fundamentals – Comprehensive Bundle
Beginners Game Development in Unreal Engine 5 – Comprehensive Introduction
Unity DOTS ECS Game Development – Complete Beginners Series
Introduction to Machine Learning and Python Data Science – Total Overview
Unity Game Development for Absolute Beginners and All Ages – Full Bundle
Godot Game Development for Absolute Beginners and All Ages – Complete Series
Web Development Fundamentals with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap – Complete Guide
Python Programming Fundamentals – The Ultimate Learning Path
+infos(oficial): LINK

Uma campanha com cursos/aprendizagens com o Unreal engine, “Make Your own Games in Unreal Engine 5“:
“Learn to harness the power of Unreal Engine and bring your game ideas to life with this bundle of video courses and assets from! Start concepting in record time with a comprehensive course on Blueprint, Unreal Engine’s intuitive visual scripting system. Jump into the deep end and learn how to get the most out of the engine with a course on C++ programming fundamentals. Apply the skills you acquire with courses focused on FPS and action adventure games, and boost the fidelity of your creations with a stockpile of assets and royalty-free music!.”
Da lista surge:
Unreal 5.0 C++ Developer Course
Unreal Engine 5 C++ Multiplayer: Make Your Own Co-Op Game
Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints First Person Shooter (FPS) Course
Unreal Engine Blueprint Game Developer Course
Unreal Engine 5: Action Adventure Game Development Course
City & Streets: Unreal Engine Decal Pack
Signage & Postings: Unreal Engine Decal Pack
General Sci-Fi: Unreal Engine Decal Pack
FPS Music Asset Pack
C++ Fundamentals Course
Unreal Engine Cinematic Creator Course
Sci-Fi Atmospheric Music Asset Pack
Unreal Material Pack #1
Unreal Engine 5 Environment Design Course
+infos(oficial): LINK

Mais uma campanha que desta vez tem assets para o Unreal engine, “The Unreal Engine, Space && Sci-Fi Mastery Kit“:
“Bring the majesty of the cosmos to your Unreal Engine project with Arghanion’s Puzzle Box! This bundle of stunning assets will help you implement all manner of awe-inspiring outer space phenomena into your project. At your disposal are the tools to craft rich asteroid fields and mesmerizing nebulas, generate space stations, planets, and colossal Dyson spheres, and even ready-to-use Unreal Engine blueprints to build functioning space ships.”
Da lista surge:
Cosmic Forge Volumetric Nebulas
Cosmic Forge Planet Collapse
Cosmic Forge Planet Destruction
Cosmic Forge Space Station
Cosmic Forge Advanced Volumetric Black Hole
Cosmic Forge Sun Harvest
Cosmic Forge Procedural Planet Worlds
Cosmic Forge Nebula Generator
Cosmic Forge Skybox Collection
Cosmic Forge Asteroid Field
Cosmic Forge Black Hole Dynamics
Cosmic Forge Space Scene Essentials

+infos(oficial): LINK

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