Humble Software Bundle: Unity Tools Bundle e mais..

Uma campanha para se ter acesso a alguns cursos e também a alguns assets. Do texto de apresentação consta: “Want to create your own game in Unity or turn your development passion into your profession? Pick up this bundle featuring 100+ hours of online courses from! Get a complete education in coding 2D and 3D games in Unity using C#, and build your own multiplayer game using Mirror. Discover how to create and publish mobile games, and explore essential dev techniques for a variety of genres”

da lista surge:
Unity Turn Based Strategy Course
Unity 3rd Person Combat & Traversal Course
Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D Course
Programming Design Patterns For Unity Course
Unity Visual Scripting Course
Unity Multiplayer Online Course | Intermediate C# Coding & Networking Using Mirror
Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D Course
Unity Mobile C# Developer Course
Data Oriented Tech Stack (DOTs) & ECS in Unity Introduction Course
Skill Builder Season 2
Elven Village Music Pack
Cube Village Asset Pack
How To Get A Job In The Video Game Industry Course
Skill Builder Season 1

+infos(oficial): LINK

Neste momento está também a decorrer uma campanha relacionada com livros de Game Design, e lista contem:
Dungeons and Desktops: The History of Computer Role-Playing Games 2e Second Edition
White Space Is Not Your Enemy: A Beginner’s Guide to Communicating Visually Through Graphic, Web & Multimedia Design Third Edition
Game Design: From Blue Sky to Green Light
Better Game Characters by Design: A Psychological Approach
Honoring the Code: Conversations with Great Game Designers
Game Design Theory: A New Philosophy for Understanding Games
Mobile & Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics, Second Edition Second Edition
Designing the User Experience of Game Development Tools
Virtual World Design
Extending Virtual Worlds: Advanced Design for Virtual Environments
Game Design Deep Dive: Platformers
20 Essential Games to Study
Reverse Design: Chrono Trigger
Reverse Design: Final Fantasy VII
Reverse Design: Final Fantasy VI
Reverse Design: Super Mario World
Reverse Design: Half-Life
Game Audio Programming 3: Principles and Practices
The Craft and Science of Game Design: A Video Game Designer’s Manual
Narrative Design: The Craft of Writing for Games
Games as Texts: A Practical Application of Textual Analysis to Games
The Pyramid of Game Design: Designing, Producing and Launching Service Games
Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing
Write Your Way into Animation and Games: Create a Writing Career in Animation and Games

+infos(oficial): LINK

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