Humble Software Bundle: Unity, FPS Games & Game Dev Assets (uma campanha)

Uma campanha na plataforma Humble.. com vários assets para serem usados no Unity no desenvolvimento do género FPS e dois jogos. Da lista de prendas desta campanha consta:
UFPS: Ultimate FPS
Character Movement Fundamentals
Highlight Plus
Tannenberg – Steam Game
Verdun – Steam Game
Polarith AI Pro | Movement with 3D Sensors
Sensor Toolkit
Super Multiplayer Shooter Template
CScape City System
3D Scifi Kit Vol 3
Impact – Physics Interaction System
Animated Hands with Weapons Pack
Post Apocalyptic World Pack
ProTips – Tooltip System
RV Smart AI
RV Honor Ai
Gun & Explosion Sounds
Colossal Game Music Collection
GUI PRO Kit – Sci-Fi Survival
Sci-Fi Gun Sounds
Sci-fi Weapons Arsenal
Footstep and Foley Sounds
CITADEL: Desert Environment Pack
JU TPS 2 : Third Person Shooter System + Vehicle Physics
Shooting Range Interiors

+infos(a campanha): LINK

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