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Exophobia, o jogo em modo físico

Está disponível, e para quem gosta de ter o jogo físico (como eu) o jogo português Exophobia para três plataformas: PS4, PS5 e nintendo Switch. Esta pré reserva trás uns goodies!!

o canais de compra/reserva são:
Best Buy:

+infos(sobre o jogo):


II Seminario Internacional. TRANSMEDIACIONES II: narratividad y videojuegos

Palestras online e interessantes acerca do tema de videojogos.. do programa, que dura dois duas, consta:

“Vestidos de corte imperio, una dosis de ingenio y mucho té: las adaptaciones transmedia de Jane Austen” por Susana Pajares Tosca (Universidad de Roskilde, Dinamarca)
Mesa redonda 1: Literatura y Videojuegos por Manuel Broullón, Juan Manuel Díaz, María Serrano
“Las huellas de Peirce en la ludonarrativa” por Luis Navarrete (Universidad de Sevilla)
“La ingeniería del metaverso: Desafíos tecnológicos y de diseño para el futuro de la ficción” por Federico Peinado (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
“Videojuegos, narrativas y mecánicas para pensar otros mundos posibles” por Eurídice Cabañes (Arsgames)
Mesa redonda “Nuevos perfiles profesionales en comunicación para medios digitales” por Joaquín Aguirre Romero, Sergio Gutiérrez, Mar Marcos
“La nueva transmedia de los medios digitales” por Lynx Reviewer
“La narrativa como hilo conductor del proceso creativo en videojuegos” por Belén Mainer Blanco (Universidad Francisco de Vitoria)


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VII Edição dos Prémios PlayStation Talents, 2021!

Ontem, dia 14 de abril decorreu a VII Edição dos Prémios PlayStation,  e aqueles que ganharam foram:

Melhor Jogo de 2021, Sophia and the Girl in the Past (Perpétuos Games), LINK

Jogo mais Inovador de 2021, Onis (Primis Games), LINK

Melhor Arte de 2021, Tamed The Unseen Show (Pop Coin Studio), LINK

Melhor Utilização das Plataformas PlayStation, The Fall of Balance (Tiago Rodrigues), LINK

Melhor Jogo Infantil, Laura (PolyWeld), LINK

Prémio imprensa, Sophia and the Girl in the Past (Perpétuos Games), LINK

Melhor Narrativa, Helena (Rio Studios), LINK

Melhor Jogo de Competição Online, Universe 51 – Tannhäuser Wars (TechFrame), LINK

Prémio PlayStation®Talents Especial Games for Good, Sophia and the Girl in the Past (Perpétuos Games), LINK

É possivel ver o vídeo do evento, que este ano foi online, aqui:

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Humble Software Bundle: 7000+ Game Dev Icons (uma campanha)

E outra campanha da malta da Humble, que dizem que é software, mas só listam elementos gráficos. Tem o seguinte texto de apresentação:
“Thousands of icons for you. Create your own PC or mobile games, software, applications, websites, and more with this huge bundle of icons—perfect for representing weapons, armor, sci-fi gear, fantasy spells, skills, loot, and whatever your project needs! Rexard, the creator of these icons, is located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and will be donating proceeds from this bundle to support local hospitals during this time of crisis. Your purchase of this bundle will also support the humanitarian relief efforts of Razom for Ukraine and International Medical Corps, helping victims and refugees from Ukraine.”

da lista consta:
Bags And Boxes Icons
Scrolls and Books Icons
Magic Items
Potion Icons
Resources and Craft Icon Pack
Weapon and Armor Icon Pack
Fishing Icons
Hunting Icons
Forest Icons
Necromancer Icons
Sci-Fi Armor Icons
Mining Icons
Trophy Icons
Barbarian Icons
Engineering Craft Icons
Food Icon Pack
SpellBook. Page05
SpellBook. Page06
SpellBook. Page07
SpellBook. Page08
SpellBook. Page09
Skill Icon Pack
Sci-Fi Flat Skills
Strategy Game Icons
SpellBook. Page01
SpellBook. Page02
SpellBook. Page03
SpellBook. Page04
Sci-Fi Icons Pack
Sci-Fi Skill Icons Pack
Pirates Icons Pack
Witch Craft Icons
Fruit and Vegetables Icons
Gems Icons
Trading Icons
RPG Armor Sets
RPG Weapons Icons
Loot Icons
Herbal Icons
Prehistoric Age Icons
Fantasy Weapon Icons
Blue Loot Box
Jewelry Icons
Armor icon pack
Flat Skills Icons

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Humble Software Bundle: Grand Game Dev Tool Box (uma campanha)

Uma campanha da malta da Humble e com o seguinte texto de apresentação:
“All the right tools to make your game. Trying to make your game by rubbing sticks together and bashing a rock on it? This bundle has far better tools for your quest—a grand collection of over $1,000 worth of software and assets!
Create classic isometric role-playing games with RPG Tools. Light up your sprites with SpriteIlluminator. Create striking pixel art with the fun and innovative sprite editor Pixelmash. Explore a vast library of Tiny Tales assets with an included character sprite generator. You’ll also get dozens of music, SFX, and graphic asset packs. Primitive tools are for the birds. And Australopithecine hominids. And maybe raccoons. Evolve your creativity, help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes by supporting JDRF, and make something grand!”

da lista consta:
SpriteIlluminator 1-year license
RPG Tools
CameraBag Photo
EVFX Sanctuary
Nightmares Music Pack Vol. 4
AD Visual Inventory: Containers Vol.1
The Japan Collection: Backgrounds
PVGames RPGTools Series: Apocalypse Tiles Vol. 1
Isometric Dungeon Designer, MEGA MAP PACK
Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.1: Monstrous Uprising
Tiny Tales: 2D Character Generator
Tiny Tales: Human NPC Advanced Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Mega Sprite Pack
Aethereal Planes Battlebacks Vol. 1
Aethereal Planes Battlebacks Vol. 2
Asian Empires Music Pack
VisuStella Atelier: Rocks, Ores, and Minerals
Cute Game Sounds
AD Visual Inventory: Paper Vol.2
AD Visual Inventory: Plants Vol.1
The Japan Collection: Overgrown Backstreets
Cursed Kingdoms – Boss Pack
Tiny Tales 2D Battle Backs Pack Vol.1: World Landscapes
Tiny Tales: Magitek Dynasty NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Monstrous Uprising NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Overworld 2D Tileset Asset Pack
Tiny Tales: Wild Beasts NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: World Map 2D Tileset Asset Pack
EasySTAR Animations – Astrology
Seraph Circle – Monster Pack 4
Cursed Kingdoms Music Pack
Tiny Tales: Beastmen NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Tower 2D Tileset Asset Pack
Retro Future Music Pack
VisuStella Armory: Jewelry Vol.01
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – Pixel-Style 1
Beast / Animals Sounds Volume 1
Healing Spells Sounds
EVFX Slash
PVGames RPGTools Series: Apocalypse Zombies
Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.2: Elemental Forces
Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.3: Wild Beasts
Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.4: Magitek Dynasty
Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.5: Faith and Evil
Tiny Tales: Dungeons Vol.2 2D Tileset Asset Pack
Tiny Tales: Elemental NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Faith and Evil NPC Sprite Pack
SeraphCircle – Pixel Monster I
Cursed Kingdoms Twisted Forest Music Pack
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 6th 50 Monsters (Monster Evolution)
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 5th 50 Monsters (50 Shades of Battle)
Children Game Music
AD Visual Inventory: Paper Vol.1
The Japan Collection: Icons
GalefireRPG Characters NPC pack 2 – “The Crew”
Tiny Tales: Dark Elves NPC Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Dungeons 2D Tileset Asset Pack
Tiny Tales: Human NPC Knights Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Human NPC Nobility Sprite Pack
Tiny Tales: Orcs NPC Sprite Pack
Valor And Villainy Music Pack
Tyler Warren RPG – 8 Little Monsters and Robots 5 of 10
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 8 Little Monsters and Robots 6 of 10
VisuStella Armory: Firearms Vol.01

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Humble Software Bundle: Learn to make games in the Unreal Engine 5 (uma campanha)

Uma campanha da malta da Humble e com o seguinte texto de apresentação:
“Discover how to make next-gen 3D experiences. Unreal Engine 5 is officially here—and you can learn to make games using this powerful real-time 3D creation tool with the world’s most popular online courses! This online learning bundle takes you from making a first-person shooter (FPS) in Blueprints (no coding required!) to learning C++ and coding your first games—all the way through to creating a multiplayer game you can play with friends, VR experiences, and more. Plus, your purchase will support Oceana!”

da lista consta:
Unreal 5.0 C++ Developer Course – EARLY ACCESS
Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints First Person Shooter (FPS) Course
Unreal Engine Blueprint Game Developer Course
C++ Fundamentals Course
Unreal Multiplayer Master Course
Unreal VR Developer Course
Unreal Engine Cinematic Creator Course
Sci-Fi Atmospheric Music Asset Pack
Unreal Engine 5 Environment Design Course

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Humble Software Bundle: The Complete Game Makking Collection (uma campanha)

Mais uma campanha da malta da Humble e com o seguinte texto de apresentação:
“Everything game creators coders need! No matter what your skill level is, you can build a game with this bundle from TheGameCreators! The powerful AppGameKit Studio provides game developers with coding experience ​​everything you need to take your idea from concept to finished game. GameGuru provides easy, enjoyable, and comprehensive game creation process designed specifically for those who aren’t programmers, designers, or artists. Plus, your purchase will support Girls Who Code, Women Who Code, and the charity you choose!”

da lista consta:
AppGameKit Studio
AppGameKit Studio – MEGA Media Pack
AppGameKit Classic – VR
AppGameKit Classic – Visual Editor
GameGuru – Antiques In The Attic Pack
GameGuru – Construction Site Pack
GameGuru – Military Pack
AppGameKit Classic – Giant Asset Pack 2
AppGameKit Classic – 3D Asset Pack
GameGuru – Fantasy Pack
GameGuru – Medical Pack
GameGuru – Retro 80’s Pack
GameGuru Mega Pack 3
GameGuru – Sci-Fi Mission to Mars Pack
AppGameKit Classic: Easy Game Development
AppGameKit Classic – Giant Asset Pack 1
GameGuru – Camping Pack
GameGuru – Tool Shed Pack
GameGuru – Buildings Pack
GameGuru Mega Pack 2
GameGuru – Death Valley Combat Pack
GameGuru – Cemetery Pack
GameGuru Mega Pack 1
GameGuru – Walled Garden Pack

+infos(oficial): LINK

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XX Jornadas da Computação Gráfica e Multimédia

Em Viana do Castelo Branco vão decorrer as XX Jornadas da Computação Gráfica e Multimédia, com alguma enfase no desenvolvimento de videojogos via workshops. O evento é aberto a toda a comunidade..

+infos(rede social): LINK

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Oferta de trabalho (em Oeiras)

A empresa Miniclip

Miniclip is looking for a Senior Game Designer to hire in our Lisbon (Portugal) Games Development Studio. This is a full-time position.
This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your free-to-play design career in mobile help bring new titles to market, and work on highly successful live games at a leading mobile studio that’s just 10 minutes from the beach!

Your Primary Responsibilities Will Include
Work with the team to design and craft gameplay experiences and game features that deliver strong player engagement, virality, retention, and monetisation.
Work with the team to create and craft game content to delight players, and devise & balance meta-game economies to maximise game performance.
Write, review and give feedback on game/feature design documents, builds, and game roadmap plans.
Participate as a key member of the product team across the product life-cycle, working on new titles, games in production, and live titles, proposing high-impact updates to our existing portfolio of games.
Help identify and deconstruct new markets and opportunities, expanding the portfolio of the company and staying in the cutting edge of the mobile gaming industry.
Collaborate with other designers to improve overall output, and support the team in growing & developing their design capabilities.
Assist with reviewing, scheduling & prioritising design team workload.
Skills & Experience

We are looking for a social, hard-working person who enjoys working in a team, and is passionate about games, and mobile free-to-play. The ideal candidate will be articulate, proactive & energetic, with the following attributes
Significant experience designing successful free-to-play published titles, preferably on mobile.
Experience across the product life cycle, from prototyping, through production, to updating a live free-to-play game.
Strong knowledge of the mobile & social game space, with exceptional understanding of current design techniques to deliver excellent engagement, retention, and monetisation.
Highly numerate, with experience designing virtual currencies and managing in-game economies.
Experience with reviewing game analytics, designing AB tests, and producing insights based on data to make better informed design decisions.
Strong grasp of mobile user-experience design, and ability to consider & empathise with many different types of players.
Mature judgment, able to balance between innovation and setting reasonable goals.
Collaborative & effective communicator, with an ability to work with multinational teams, with a variety of cultural backgrounds.
A hard worker, with drive, initiative, and ability to self-manage effectively.
Highly organised, with a track-record of guiding & advising others (some management experience is ideal).
Ability to compromise and prioritise appropriately to deliver to tight deadlines.

+infos(oficial): LINK

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fundos: 18 milhões + 40 milhões

A união europeia em 2022 tem perto de 60 milhões de euros destinados a apoiar as mais diversas entidades no desenvolvimento de videojogos. Dessa lista de entidades surgem:
A game developer studio or publishers, please have a closer look on:
0.EIB/EIF funding;
1.1. Creative Europe European co-development funding;
1.2. Creative Europe Video games and immersive content funding below
A venture capital investor, please have a closer look on:
0.EIB/EIF funding;
1.6 Mediainvest funding below
A trade association representing game developer studios or publishers, please have a closer look on:
1.3 Creative Europe Fostering European media talent and skills funding;
1.4 Creative Europe Markets and networking funding;
1.5 Creative Europe Innovative tools and business models funding below
4.3 Digital Europe Short term training courses in key capacity areas
5.1 Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs funding
A games industry events organiser, please have a closer look on:
1.3 Creative Europe Fostering European media talent and skills funding;
1.4 Creative Europe Markets and networking funding below
A games research institution, please have a closer look on:
2.1 Horizon Europe Games and culture shaping our society funding;
2.2 Horizon Europe Enhanced fight against the abuse of online gaming culture by extremists funding;
2.3 Horizon Europe EIC Pathfinder Open 2022
3.2 Erasmus + Alliances for Innovation funding below
A higher education institution providing degree programs on game development, please have a closer look on:
3.1 Erasmus + Partnerships for Cooperation funding;
3.2 Erasmus + Alliances for Innovation funding below
4.2 Digital Europe – Promoting European innovation in education
4.3 Digital Europe – Short term training courses in key capacity areas
5.1 Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs funding

+infos(fonte): LINK

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