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Humble learn and play vr-ar game dev bundle (uma campanha)

da lista deste novo bundle aparece:
Intro to Augmented Reality
Intro to Game Development with Unity
Create Your First 3D Game with Unity
VR Game Development for Beginners
VR Development with Controllers
Insect Revolution V
AR Projects – Job Training App
AR Projects – Geology App
VR Pointers – Space Station App
VR Projects – Night with Mosquitos Game
VR Projects – Space Invaders
Intro to ARKit
Intro to ARCore
AR Projects – Science App for Kids
Panzer Panic VR
Keep Defending
Project-Based Oculus Avatars and Platform SDK
VR Projects – 360 Photos Experience
VR Projects – 360 Video Quiz App
VR Projects – Puzzle Game
VR Projects – Fitness Game
VR Projects – Cabin Experience
VR Projects – Third-Person Platformer Game
VR Projects – Underwater Shark Experience
VR Projects – First-Person Shooter
VR Projects – Build an RPG
AR Game Development – Space Shooter
VR Projects – Exploration Game
Stunt Kite Masters VR
Devil and the Fairy

+infos(campanha): LINK

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