Cursos de acesso grátis (PACKT)

O grupo PACK disponibilizou uma série de cursos on-line em formato de “workshops” e que podem ser um dos seguintes:

Web Development
The HTML and CSS Workshop (Understand the structure and style of the web.)
The JavaScript Workshop (Learn about the language that powers the internet.)
The PHP Workshop (Learn all about PHP programming from first principles.)

Data Science
The Data Science Workshop (Quickly get up and running with Python data science.)
The Data Visualization Workshop (Understand how to make your own engaging charts.)
The SQL Workshop (Get started with data analysis using SQL.)

Programming Languages
The Python Workshop (Learn about modern, effective Python.)
The Ruby Workshop (Get started with development in Ruby.)
The Java Workshop (Understand how to work with Java.)
The Go Workshop (Get to grips with efficient Go.)
The Clojure Workshop (Discover how to you can count on Clojure.)
The C++ Workshop (Write effective, modern C++ applications.)

+infos(os cursos): https://courses.packtpub.com/pages/free

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