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Studying Indie Games na Noruega

Vai decorrer na Noruega, mais concretamente no Department of Art and Media Studies, na universidade de Norwegian University of Science and Technology, um Workshop “Studying Indie Games” onde vão ser apresentados os seguintes temas:

  • Games about Games: On the Forms and Functions of Metareference in Recent Indie Games por Theresa Krampe (Justus Liebig University Giessen)
  • Getting in Touch with Indie Games: Narrative Artefacts and Materiality por Hanns Christian Schmidt (University of Cologne)
  • Exploring Indie Horror Games: On Perturbations in Fran Bow (2015) and Five Nights at FreddyÕs (2014) por Stephanie Lotzow
  • Indie Games and the homo ludens digitalis: Sharpening the Tools of Media Aesthetics por Christopher Lukman (University of MŸnster)
  • The World Is Your PlayDohÓ: Procedural Content Generation and Player Agency in Astroneer (2019) por Bettina Bodi


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Business of Indie Games, vídeos para aprender

Encontrei este canal no youtube que fala acerca do negócio dos Indie Games.. são entrevistadas várias pessoas que falam da sua experiência nestas áreas :) aparecem também alguns especialistas que referem umas coisas catitas.

“A channel dedicated to helping indie devs and small to mid size game dev studios master the business side of making video games. Bringing together top game developers to talk about the mistakes they’ve made, their triumphs and what they’ve learned. Focusing on how to create a hit game, get it funded and developed and then discovered.”

+infos(Business of Indie Games): LINK

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