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Humble Software Bundle: Learn Unity RPG Game Development Software Bundle (uma campanha)

A segunda campanha do Humble relacionada com o desenvolvimento de videojogos chegou e desta vez é com alguns cursos para o Unity e com alguns assets.
Do tempo de apresentação consta: “Level up and acquire new abilities in RPG development using Unity with this bundle from GameDev.tv! These courses will equip you with the programming and other fundamental skills you need to create your own role-playing game from scratch. Learn how to build a core combat system, delve into dialogue editors and quest essentials, and find out how experienced pros implement a variety of key RPG systems. You’ll also get a hands-on crash course in 3D sculpting by making your own dragon in Blender.”

e da lista consta:
Unity RPG Core Combat Creator Course
Unity RPG Dialogue & Quests Course
Unity RPG Shops & Abilities Course
Unity RPG Inventory Course
Create A Dragon in Blender Course
Unity 3rd Person Combat Course
Unity 2D RPG Starter Kit
Fantasy & RPG Music Tracks Asset Pack

+infos(a campanha): LINK

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