Compilação de links..

Alguém se deu ao trabalho de compilar uns links relacionados com GameDev Tutorials..

Alguns exemplos na categoria GameDev Tutorials – Unity 3D

Devmag – 50 tips for working with Unity (best pratices)

Imgur – Unity 3D tips and tricks

Juicy Beast – Collisions for platforming

Gamasutra – “0-60 fds in 14 days!” What we learned trying to optimize our game using Unity 3D

Maildeveloper – Optimizing Unity games for mobile platforms

App Gruruz – Learn to Create Isometric games like clash of clans

Unity 3D – Reducing the file size of the build

Unity 3D – Physics best pratices

Unity 3D – How to make a physically real, stable car using WheelColliders


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