Humble Software Bundle (campanha)

Uma campanha para aprender a trabalhar com Godot, Pygame, Unreal e Unity. Com o titulo “Learn gamedev with godot, unreal, unity & gamemaker software” tem como texto de apresentação: “Ready to get started making games in Unreal Engine, Unity, and Godot? This bundle is packed with comprehensive online courses for all those popular and powerful game engines, and more! Learn to harness Godot’s 2D capabilities and create challenging tower defense games, brutal bullet hells, and more. Leverage the power of Unreal Engine to build everything from exciting multiplayer experiences to spooky horror games. Craft your ultimate turn-based game in Unity, pick up essential game dev skills like asset creation in Blender, coding in Python, and much more!”.
Da lista faz parte:
“Mobile Game Development with Godot
Unity Mini-Course – Extended C# Coding Techniques
Intro to Pygame
Build a Tower Defense Game in Godot 4
Develop a Bullet Hell in Godot 4
Build a Complete, Fully-Fledged 2D Game with Godot
Intro to Multiplayer in Unreal Engine
Make a Horror Game in Unreal Engine
Create a Horror Game in Godot 4
Discover Procedural Generation in Godot 4
Build a Complete Puzzle Game with Godot and C#
Make a Metroidvania in Godot 4
Build a Walking Simulator with Godot 4
Make an AI State Machine in Godot 4
Make a Mini-Survival Game in Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine Mini-Projects
The Complete 2D Action RPG Unity Course
The Complete Procedural Terrain Generation Unity Course
Create a 3D Turn-Based RPG in Unity
Generate AI Player Avatars with DALL-E and Unity
Unity UI Projects – Create an Inventory Screen
Unity Associate Game Developer Certification Practice Exam
Debugging Foundations for Unity
Intro to Game Development with GameMaker
Learn MonoGame by Creating a Complete Game
Intermediate Python – Virtual Pet with Pygame
Intermediate Python – Learn Pygame by Making a Game
Intro to Rigging Models in Blender
UV Mapping in Blender for Beginners
Learn 3D Modeling with Blender from Scratch (NEW EDITION 2024)
Intro to Pixel Art with Photoshop
Intro to the Game Development Industry
Level Design for Beginners
Intro to Unreal Engine Game Development
UI/UX for Game Design”

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Mais uma mega campanha com Assets para o motor Unity e para o motor Unreal. Com o titulo “Unreal Engine And Unity Mega Bundle ” tem como texto de apresentação: “Bring the worlds in your imagination to life in Unity and Unreal Engine with this mind-blowingly massive collection of environments, props, tools, and more! From sprawling cyberpunk dystopias to soul-stirring medieval villages, you’ll have the building blocks to create masterwork game environments that will transport your players. You’ll get over three dozen megapacks made up of modular assets that you can mix and match as you please, that utilize engine-native cutting-edge tools like Nanite and Lumen”.
Da lista faz parte:
“Cyberpunk City Megapack (Unreal Engine)
Modular Industrial Factory Megapack (Unreal Engine)
Modular Abandoned Hospital (Unreal Engine)
Modular Medieval Fortress Megapack (Unreal Engine)
Stylized Nature: Heavenly Castle (Unity)
Modular Graveyard / Cemetery (Unreal Engine)
Modular Abandoned Hospital (Unity)
Modular Rural Town / Rural Village (Unreal Engine)
Modular Fantasy / Medieval Village Megapack (Unreal Engine)
Modular Stylized Fantasy Town (Unreal Engine)
Modular Medieval Town Megapack (Unreal Engine)
Modular Medieval Town Megapack (Unity)
Modular Dungeon: Dungeon Building Kit (Unity)
Pirate Island: Modular Island Megapack (Unreal Engine)
Pirate Island: Modular Island Megapack (Unity)
Modular Viking Village Megapack (Unreal Engine)
Modular Viking Village Megapack (Unity)
Modular Medieval War Camp (Unreal Engine)
Modular Medieval War Camp (Unity)
Dark Fantasy Weapons Bundle (Unreal Engine)
Dark Fantasy Weapons (Unity)
Modular Stylized Desert Town (Unreal Engine)
Modular Stylized Desert Town (Unity)
House On A Hill (Unreal Engine)
House On A Hill (Unity)
Olympus: Temple Of The Gods (Unreal Engine)
Olympus: Temple Of The Gods (Unity)
The Messenger: Ancient Mountain (Unreal Engine)
The Messenger: Ancient Mountain (Unity)
Nanite Series: Medieval Market Kit (Unreal Engine)
Nanite Series: Modular Houses (Unreal Engine)
Nanite Series: Food & Dining Kit (Unreal Engine)
Nanite Series: Village Kit (Unreal Engine)
Nanite Series: Church/Cathedral Kitbash (Unreal Engine)
Nanite Series: War Camp kit (Unreal Engine)
Nanite Series: Castle Kit (Unreal Engine)
Nanite Series: Harbor Kit (Unreal Engine)
European / French Village (Unreal Engine)”

+infos(oficial): LINK

Uma campanha sobre de assets para o motor de videojogos Roblox, “The complete Roblox online mega bundle + 1001 assets”. Ainda não tive oportunidade de usar e criar qualquer coisas com o motor Roblox, mas parece ser mais um daqueles motores “facilitadores” para o desenvolvimento de videojogos como foi ou ainda é o GameMaker. Este pack é apenas de assets, mas pela descrição aparenta ser uma coleção bastante grande. Do texto de apresentação surge: “We’re thrilled to introduce our newest bundle, packed with an incredible array of resources exclusively for Roblox developers! From beginner to advanced, this bundle includes comprehensive Lua scripting tutorials, level design guides, Blender tutorials, and more. Elevate your game development skills to new heights with the most complete Roblox tutorial out there. With 1001+ assets in projects for Unreal, Unity, Godot, and Roblox, you’ll have everything you need to create stunning, immersive experiences. Perfect for both new developers and seasoned pros, this bundle will expand your skills.”.
Da lista faz parte:
“Master the Art of Lua – Advanced Scripting Techniques in Roblox Studio
Generate Low Poly 3D Models for Game Development with Meshy AI, Blender 4 and Roblox
Complete Roblox Creation – Designing Maps and Modeling Assets with Blender 4.1
Beginners Multiplayer Game Development in Roblox Studio
Advanced Multiplayer Game Development in Roblox Studio
Design Your First Action-Packed FPS Game in Roblox Studio
Advanced Techniques for Building an FPS Game in Roblox Studio
Elevate Your Skills – Intermediate Lua Scripting Masterclass in Roblox Studio
Create an Epic Multiplayer Loot Rush Game in Roblox Studio
Forge Your First Arena Combat Game in Roblox Studio
Mastering Advanced Arena Combat Game Development in Roblox Studio
Adventure Awaits – Build Your First Obby Game in Roblox Studio
Expert Strategies for Building Obby Games in Roblox Studio
Low Poly Models for Roblox, Godot, Unity and Unreal with Sample Projects
Terrain Game Development in Roblox Studio for Everyone
Build a Game in Roblox Studio for Absolute Beginners and All Ages
Gameplay Development in Roblox Studio
Intermediate Game Development in Roblox Studio
User Experience Design in Roblox Studio Game Development
Embark on Quests – Crafting Compelling Challenges in Roblox Studio
Advanced Game Development in Roblox Studio
Character Game Development in Roblox Studio
The Ultimate Game Developer’s Lab in Roblox Studio
Ultimate Sports Game Development in Roblox Studio
Strategic Game Development in Roblox Studio
From Concept to Creation in Roblox Video Game Studio
Build an Escape the Maze Speedrunner Game in Roblox Studio
Money Mechanics in Roblox Game Development
Roblox Studio Essentials – Unlock the Fundamentals
Kickstart Your Journey – Lua Scripting for Beginners in Roblox Studio
Optimize a Meadow Home Low Poly Model for Roblox Studio with Blender 4 Texture Baking
3D Modeling with Generative AI for Roblox with Luma Labs AI and Blender 4.1
Meshy AI Mastery – Crafting 3D Models for Roblox Studio Using Advanced Prompt Engineering
Developing “Officer Bamboo” the Red Panda for Roblox Studio Using Blender 4 with AI-Assisted Design
Wild West Adventures in Roblox – Creating 3D Animal Cowboys with Blender 4 and AI Techniques
Building AI-Generated Low Poly Robots for Roblox Studio in Blender 4
From Blender to Roblox: Creating an AI-Generated Samurai Rabbit
Crafting a Low Poly 3D Fox for Roblox Studio Using Blender 4
Creating Low Poly 3D Red Panda Models in Blender for Roblox Game Development
Spaceship Modeling for Roblox: Low Poly 3D Techniques in Blender 4
Blender to Roblox: 3D Modeling Swords and RPG Items with AI Assistance
Designing Low Poly Cartoon RPG Items for Roblox with Blender 4
Low Poly Knight Modeling for Roblox Studio: Blender 4 Integration with Unreal Engine”

+infos(oficial): LINK

Uma campanha diferente, para jogos de tabuleiro, mais concretamente para desenhar mapas de jogos de tabuleiro, “Maps Extravaganza“ em que:
“Design maps for your own tabletop campaigns, fantasy settings, and more! This bundle includes everything you need to create stunning, print-worthy works of art that will bring your worlds to life. Get powerful software like Campaign Cartographer 3+ (including a Lifetime License), City Designer 3, Dungeon Designer 3, Tome of Ultimate Mapping, and more. Unlock a treasury that will take your tabletop games”.
Da lista faz parte:
“Campaign Cartographer 3+ Lifetime License
City Designer 3
Dungeon Designer 3
Sources Maps: Castles
Symbol Set 2: Fantasy Floorplans
Source Maps: Temples, Tombs and Catacombs
Tome of Ultimate Mapping
Perspectives 3
Campaign Cartographer 3+ One Year License
Token Treasury: Monsters
Battle Maps Collection
Floorplan Collection”

+infos(oficial): LINK

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