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Play Nice, The Rise, Fall, and Future Of Blizzard Entertainment por Jason Schreier

New York Times bestselling author and the gaming industry’s preeminent investigative journalist Jason Schreier examines three decades of ups and downs at Blizzard Entertainment leading up to a hostile corporate takeover and a sexual misconduct scandal that put the legendary developer in a world of (Warcraft) trouble.
For video game fans, the name Blizzard Entertainment was once synonymous with perfection. The renowned company behind classics like Diablo and World of Warcraft was known to celebrate the joy of gaming over all else. What was once two UCLA students’ simple mission — to make games they wanted to play — launched an empire with thousands of employees, millions of fans, and billions of dollars.
But when Blizzard cancelled a buzzy project in 2013, it gave Bobby Kotick, the infamous CEO of corporate parent Activision, the excuse he needed to start cracking down on Blizzard’s proud autonomy. Led by executives from McKinsey and Procter & Gamble, Activision began invading Blizzard from the inside. Glitchy products, PR disasters, and mass layoffs followed, marring the company’s once pristine image. Then, in 2021, a staggering sexual misconduct and discrimination lawsuit against the company triggered a widespread reckoning and a shocking $69 billion acquisition.
Based on firsthand interviews with more than 300 current and former employees, PLAY NICE chronicles the creativity, frustration, beauty, and betrayal across the epic 33-year saga of Blizzard Entertainment. From previously unrevealed stories of Blizzard’s early culture, including fist fights and a hotel ban, to the full story of Titan, Blizzard’s most high-profile canceled project, and the behind-the-scenes saga of how Blizzard executives battled their Activision overlords tooth and nail, this book explores the delight and despair of what it really means to “bleed Blizzard blue.” Full of colorful personalities and dramatic twists, PLAY NICE is The Social Network for the video game industry.

Um livro a ler, deve ter algumas histórias bem interessantes.

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Advanced C# programming for video games: design patterns for Unity and Godot por Pablo Barrón Ballesteros
“Level up your video game programming!
An advanced level of programming is essential to successfully undertake a video game project, whether in a professional studio or as an indie developer. This book will teach you the secrets of design patterns for Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). Design patterns are an essential tool that tell apart the hobbyist who struggles to complete a video game without coding errors, from the professional capable of undertaking a complex video game project. In this book, each design pattern is thoroughly explained using C# code suitable for Unity and Godot, with examples drawn from real video game programming. Learn how to structure an inventory, a quest subsystem, a crafting queue, items with various uses, decision systems for your NPCs, visual novels, and more. Understanding design patterns in programming will empower you to program anything you desire.
“Advanced C# Programming for Video Games” begins with an introduction to OOP in C# and its basic concepts, covering from classes and encapsulation to method overloading, polymorphism, interfaces, and abstract classes. It then progresses to analyzing creational, structural, and behavioral patterns. For every pattern, a functional C# code example is provided. For instance, the Prototype pattern will guide you in dealing with a collectible card video game and MOBA champions, the Decorator will demonstrate how to create roguelike enemies and weapons, the Flyweight will unveil the secrets of a “Bullet Hell” game and how to manage 2D tiles in expansive game worlds, the Memento will teach you techniques to create savegames, and the Template Method will address AI in strategy games or special occupations for your characters.
Don’t miss this extensive work by a professional programmer. Learn at last how to develop your video game like a professional.”

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Gaming for Good: Unlocking the Power of Gaming to Create a Better World for Us All, por Jude Ower a Mathias Gredal Nørvig
“Over 3 billion people play games globally. How can we turn his immense power into a force for good?
Games are already influencing player behaviour and decision-making. This book dispels the often negative perception of gamers and the games they play every day and shows how to harness the medium’s potential. Whether you’re a gamer, in the industry, not in the industry but interested in games or a parent worried about the impact of games on your kids, read this book to:
Understand the industry and gaming culture and why it lends itself perfectly to tackling global challenges
Discover how games can be a force for good through real-world examples, underpinned by interviews with leading executives in the industry
Be inspired to make a positive impact using games
Recognise that ‘doing good’ corresponds with ‘doing well’ and can drive wider beneficial outcomes such as deeper engagement”

Gostava de ter acesso a este livro para ler mais um pouco sobre o desenvolvimento de videojogos de “for good”.

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The Console: 50 Years of Home Video Gaming por Mike Diver
“THE CON50LE is a comprehensive yet conversational account of 50 years of home video gaming history, leaving no rarely sighted system unturned and providing a chronological account of the evolution of the biggest entertainment medium in the world. From the earliest consoles of the 1970s to the cutting-edge machines of the here and now, a line is drawn from one man’s eureka moment to the multi-billion-dollar global industry of today. All the well-known names and massive-selling consoles are here: the Nintendo Entertainment System, the SEGA Mega Drive, the Atari 2600, the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 2. But there’s plenty of room for hardware that many a gamer won’t have heard of before, from Japan-only releases and home computer conversions to ill-advised experiments with VHS and all manner of micro-console magic. Learn about the creators and their inspirations, the games that made the biggest consoles’ eternal reputations, and the failures and flops along the way. Even the consoles that came and went without notable commercial success left a mark, an imprint, on this compelling history – and THE CON50LE unravels it, explains it, one fascinating machine at a time.”

Gostava de ter acesso a estes livro, parece ser um livro histórico acerca do mundo das consolas domésticas.

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