Oferta de trabalho (remota)

A Fortis Games em Portugal, tem uma nova proposta de trabalho que achei interessante e que é de “Senior Game Economy Designer“. Da descrição surge:
“Create content and play scenarios that are highly tunable and interactive, representative of the broader gameplay:
Understand and operate existing systems and tool capabilities
Use strong critical and analytical thinking to work with complex intertwined systems;
Create content that highlights game features and explores a variety of user-profiles and play patterns
Have a strong methodology for creating content based on hypotheses, data modeling, and testing;
Formulate playtest questions and interpret results into meaningful experience adjustments
Contribute to new features and supporting systems’ creation
Identify opportunities for expansion of features
Build new systems’ outlines in a way that is complementary and supportive of existing game mechanics
Help create, present and improve design docs and supporting data structures with a clear understanding of change impact and magnitude. Incrementally improve these via feedback
Regularly sync with team members and partners to receive feedback about play experience, wants and needs;
Analyze and tune content quality and depth to avoid depreciating returns in value
Understand and incrementally improve internal content generation systems for all types of model data
Provide input on game mechanics, broader design and live ops roadmap with content consumption in mind.

What You’ll Need To Be Successful
Understanding of the systems that drive progression in Life Simulation games.
Strong proficiency in using spreadsheets for economy balance
Proficiency in designing a player-driven economy for an MMO
Experience with working remote and very good communication skills
Keen interest in multiplayer games as a service and their workings”

+infos(oficial): LINK

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