Oferta de trabalho (remota)

A empresa de recrutamento Michael Page (no Porto) está a recrutar um Game Designer para desenvolver o seu trabalho remotamente. Da proposta consta o seguinte texto:
“Job Description
You create the concepts and worlds of games – the genre, environment, story, characters, gameplay system, objectives, and user experience.
You establish the aesthetics, mood and look of the game to ensure the game’s individual appeal and marketability.
Together with the product team you convert it into features for our developers while closely aligning with the Design Team to validate the features.
You research current game trends to ensure product relevancy in today’s market.
You facilitate workshops with various stakeholders.

The Successful Applicant
Knowledge of the gaming industry and the latest trends in gaming
Excellent communication skills
Deep understanding of human behavior, psychology, and motivators and how to maximize engagement in a progressive (leveling) way
Expertise in delivering game strategy to enterprise applications.
Experience in design and refinement of game features to keep gamers motivated and ensure retention.
Experience with mobile, web, and wearable design as well as story boarding.
You are a proactive, self-motivated, and self-managing entrepreneur with a positive and solution-oriented mindset and a passion for technology and people. You possess organizational talent and strong conceptual, strategic, and analytical skills. As talented communicator you successfully engage with a wide range of stakeholders.”

+infos(oficial): LINK

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