Humble Software Bundle: unity fantasy games & game dev assets (uma campanha)

Uma campanha na plataforma Humble.. com vários assets para serem usados no Unity. Da lista de prendas desta campanha consta:
Odin Inspector and Serializer
RPG Builder
The Minute of Islands
Zenva Unity Course – Online Unity Course
Octave3D-Level Design
Node Canvas
Dreamteck Splines
Nature Packages – Forest Environment
Brute Force – Grass Shader
Editor Console Pro
Mountain Trees – Dynamic Nature
Dark Fantasy Gigantic Environment
Fantasy Adventure Environment
FPS Medieval Weapons – Ultimate Pack
The Big Castle Kit
Fantasy Sounds Bundle
GUI PRO Kit – Fantasy RPG
Mobile Tools + Complete Game
FurryS2: Sorceres and Archer
RPG Fantasy (Pack)
Low Poly Tools Bundle
Dark Fantasy Kit
Fantasy Ambience Sounds Pack
Medieval Houses Modular Vol 1

+infos(a campanha): LINK

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