Humble Software Bundle: Royalty-Free RPG Game Development Assets (uma campanha)

Mais uma campanha da malta da Humble.. e desta vez com assets para o desenvolvimento de videojogos RPG. Da lista de prendas desta campanha consta:
2D Cute Characters Pack
7Soul’s RPG Graphics – Cave Tileset
7Soul’s RPG Graphics – Dungeon Tileset
Bow & Arrow
Character Portraits – Modern
Customisable Pixel Art Character Kit
Isometric Pixel Pack
Isometric Tiles
Japan Tileset
Medieval Fantasy Characters
Medieval RPG Pack
Medieval Skill & Ability Icons
Medieval Technology & Skill Icons
Omega Modern Graphics Pack
Outdoor & Forest Tileset
Pixel House & Furnies
Potion Bottles
RPG Buildings Houses
RPG Character Portraits
RPG Characters
RPG Game 1700+ Icons
RPG Inventory Icons V1
RPG Items Set V3
RPG Pixel Weapons
RPG Survival Character
RPG Weapons V1
RPG Worlds Decorative Props
RPG Worlds Grassland
RPG Worlds Houses and Interiors
RPG Worlds Marshland
RPG Worlds Snowy Lands
Segel 2D Characters Bundle
Snow Forest Tilesets
Swords & Shields
Tropical Island Game Assets
Winter Village Game Assets


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