Humble RPG game development assets bundle: 2d art, music and sound effects (uma campanha)

Um conjunto de objetos para ajudar no desenvolvimento de videojogos do género RPG, da lista consta:
2D Characters Male
2D Hand Painted Mine Tileset
2D Hand Painted Snowland Tileset
58 Fantasy RPG Items
Souls RPG Graphics – Town Tileset
Souls RPG Graphics Tiles – Grasslands
Ancient Game SFX Pack
Clean City Game Assets
Cute RPG UI Kit
Dark RPG Chiptune Soundtrack Bundle
Dialogue Boxes
Dwarves vs Elves RPG Sprites
Elemental Magic Sound Effects Vol 1
Elemental Magic Sound Effects Vol 2
Fantasy Character Bundle
Fantasy RPG Items Vol 2
Farm & Fort Tileset & Icons
Forest Isometric Block Tileset
Frozen Village Isometric Block Tileset
Hand Painted Extra Objects Tileset
Human Fantasy Animated Pack
Interface SFX
Inventory Sounds Pack
Japanese Bar Interior Assets
Japanese City Game Assets
JRPG Character Pack
JRPG Music Pack
Lighthearted RPG Location Soundtrack Bundle
Lighthearted RPG Soundtrack Bundle
Medieval RPG UI Kit
Monster Creature Animated Pack
Monster Creature Super Mix
Osaka City Game Assets
Pixel Art Beach Tile Set
Pixel Art Forest Road
Pixel Art Medieval Fantasy Characters
Pixel Art Medieval Interiors
Pixel Art Medieval UI Pack
Pixel Art Old Castle
Pixel Art Town
RPG Inventory – Fantasy Battles Axes
RPG Inventory – Fantasy Bows
RPG Inventory – Fantasy Daggers
RPG Inventory – Fantasy Potions
RPG Inventory – Fantasy Spears
RPG Inventory – Fantasy Swords
RPG Music Pack – Complete Collection
Side View Animated RPG Battlers
Souls RPG Graphics – Desert Tileset
Soul’s RPG Graphics – Sprites
Spells & Ability Icons
Survival Icons
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers Pixel Style
Warrior Adventure Game Characters

+infos(campanha): LINK

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