Uma campanha e um livro..

Está a decorrer na plataforma indiegogo uma recolha de “fundos” para ajudar na publicação de um livro intitulado “Production Point, How to plan and finish your game as a solo developer” por Benjamin Anderson. Já há algum tempo que sigo o trabalho que é desenvolvido por ele nomeadamente no que se refere ao uso de motores de videojogos. Inclusive já adquiri em tempos um curso dele relacionado com o motor GameMaker Studio.
Bom agora ele tem a decorrer uma campanha acerca do seu novo livro. O livro tem como secções:
Introduction: The Dream
How I got started in gamedev
What does success look like?
Chapter 1: The Gold Mine
Gold mine analogy
Explore + Exploit and the 2 Phases of Game Development
I‘m not the first person tbreak the process down int2 phases
Stuck in Pre-production (tomany prototypes)
Stuck in Production (working on a single game for months or even years without progress)
Stuck in Both (switching between the twphases)
Defining clear lines
Chapter 2: Clear Lines
What goes Pre-production Look Like?
What does Production Look Like?
Bringing them together, the Production Point
Exceptions tthe clear lines
Chapter 3: Pre-Production
Pre—production traps tavoid
Focusing on Systems and Mechanics
Scope by doing and keep it simple
Playful mentality
What tdwhen you lose motivation
Start on paper
Feedback from yourself
Videfeedback from small groups (5-10)
Evaluating feedback
What does progress look like?
Chapter 4: The Production Point
Production point traps tavoid
How dyou know when you are ready for production? (The uncertainty curve)
Consider what production will look like?
Transitioning to production
Crowdfunding and testing your game’s marketability
Chapter 5: Production
Production traps tavoid
Focusing on Content (how much content will you have)
Scope by planning (trello/github)
What tdabout burnout and monotony?
Alpha feedback from a large group of testers
Evaluating alpha feedback
Beta feedback from large group of testers
Evaluating beta feedback
What does progress look like?
Chapter 6: Ship it!
Launch traps tavoid
Making a press kit
Making a simple trailer
Support your players
Evaluate your launch. Find things that surprised you and readjust your model of making games for next time
Chapter 7: Conclusion
Finishing games
The hardest thing I know how tdo
Chapter 7: Conclusion
Finishing games
The hardest thing I know how tdo

What this book isn’t:
This book won’t teach you how to program
This book isn’t about game design, though if you follow the steps in it you will probably end up with a well designed game
This book doesn’t go into specifics about publishing your game on platforms like Steam, GOG, Epic, or any consoles
This book doesn’t cover the legalities or business side of making games (check out Gamedev by Wlad Marhulets as a starting point for that)

+infos(a campanha): LINK


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