Day: October 30, 2019

Humble learn and play vr-ar game dev bundle (uma campanha)

da lista deste novo bundle aparece:
Intro to Augmented Reality
Intro to Game Development with Unity
Create Your First 3D Game with Unity
VR Game Development for Beginners
VR Development with Controllers
Insect Revolution V
AR Projects – Job Training App
AR Projects – Geology App
VR Pointers – Space Station App
VR Projects – Night with Mosquitos Game
VR Projects – Space Invaders
Intro to ARKit
Intro to ARCore
AR Projects – Science App for Kids
Panzer Panic VR
Keep Defending
Project-Based Oculus Avatars and Platform SDK
VR Projects – 360 Photos Experience
VR Projects – 360 Video Quiz App
VR Projects – Puzzle Game
VR Projects – Fitness Game
VR Projects – Cabin Experience
VR Projects – Third-Person Platformer Game
VR Projects – Underwater Shark Experience
VR Projects – First-Person Shooter
VR Projects – Build an RPG
AR Game Development – Space Shooter
VR Projects – Exploration Game
Stunt Kite Masters VR
Devil and the Fairy

+infos(campanha): LINK

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Estatística or else..

(com a referência “SuperData XR Q3 2019” por parte da malta da

2019 earnings from consumer sales of VR headsets are set to grow 16% over 2018. However, enterprise headset revenue is on track to jump by 69% during the same period. Businesses have been sold on the potential of VR. Enterprise customers are rapidly adopting VR for purposes like employee training and automotive design.

Consumer VR software revenue is on track to earn over $1B for the first time in 2019. Location-based entertainment revenue is set to earn roughly half the total as attractions like Avengers: Damage Control‎ from The Void bring theme-park quality experiences to consumers in a range of venues like malls.

The Valve index sold 46K units in its first quarter on the market. While this was a smaller figure than the quarterly launch numbers of other major VR headsets, Valve’s device is designed to reach the most dedicated enthusiasts given its price of up to $1000.


Oculus Quest sold 180K units during the quarter, nearly double the combined sales figures for the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Go. It’s clear Facebook’s VR efforts in the near-term will be focused on its high-end standalone device. Lifetime sales for the device reached nearly 400,000 units through the end of Q3.

The Quest is poised for a strong holiday season as one of the most “giftable” VR headsets around. The device has the advantage of simplicity since it doesn’t need to be plugged into a powerful PC. Both the Oculus Go (which is a standalone device like the Quest) and the PlayStation VR (which features a recognizable gaming brand) saw big jumps in quarterly sales volume during their first full holiday season on the market.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite isn’t casting a spell on wallets. Pokémon GO from Niantic had its second-best month ever in terms of revenue in August 2019. Meanwhile, the company’s new title Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had a strong launch in terms of player numbers, but it only earned 1% of the revenue Pokémon GO did from June to August.


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