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Curso online Game Design and Theory (pago)

O autor dos famosos SIMs, desde o SimCity apresenta um curso online “WILL WRIGHT – TEACHES GAME DESIGN AND THEORY” :)

as secções do curso são:
01_The Fundamentals of Game Design
02_Generating Game Concepts
03_Early Prototyping
04_The Relationship Between Story and Games
05_Exploring Player Psychology
06_Design Player-Centered Experiences
07_Develop a Game Language
08_Designing a Visual Aesthetic
09_Game Mechanics
10_Game Demo: Morey
11_Iteration and Scoping
12_Prototyping Case Study: Proxi
14_Designing a Sound Aesthetic
15_Pitching Ideas
16_Game Demo: Flooded Market
17_Choosing and Understanding Your Platform
18_System Design
19_Leadership and Collaboration
20_The Future of Game Design
21_Final Thoughts

+infos(loja): LINK

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