Livros sobre videojogos no MIT

Livros que gostava de ter acesso:

(2012)Characteristics of games
(2014)Computer games for learning: an evidence-based approach – 304p
(2014)Developers dilemma: the secret world of videogame creators – 352p
(2012)Engineering play
(2011)Handbook of computer game studies
(2011)In game: immersion to incorporation
(2014)Processing: a programming handbook 2nd ed
(2003)Rules of play: game design fundamentals
(2014)Values at play in digital games – 224p
(2015)Video games around the world – 720p
(2011)Educational Videogame Design – 120p – LINK
(2015)Uma Aula No Videogame – 288p – LINK

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