Humble Software Bundle: RPG Game Dev RE-Bundle (uma campanha)

Está a decorrer uma nova campanha com assests e efeitos de sons para jogos de RPG. Do texto de apresentação surge “Making a role-playing game? Did you pick up our epic RPG Maker Resurgence bundle? This massive library will be the greatest asset in your game-dev journey! Get collections of art assets including 2D heroes and characters, tile sets, icons, and more—along with RPG-worthy music, sound effects, stingers, and other versatile audio building blocks.”. e a lista é constituída por:
“2D Game Art Bundle
2D Hand Painted – Dungeon Tileset
2D Hand Painted – Grassland Tileset
2D Hand Painted – Interior Tileset
2D Hand Painted – Town Tileset
2D Heroes Characters Bundle
2D Isometric Tile Pack
2D Top-Down Tile Set
7Soul’s RPG Graphics – Icon Pack
7Soul’s RPG Graphics – Sprites
7Soul’s RPG Graphics – UI Pack
Animals RPG Sprites
Battle RPG Music Pack
Cartoon RPG Characters 1
Fantasy RPG Tileset Pack
Game Music Stingers and UI SFX Pack Pack 2
GUI Icons
Inventory SFX Bundle
Magic Spells SFX Bundle
Medieval Fantasy SFX Pack
Monsters Time Fantasy RPG Sprite Pack
Orcs and Beast SFX Pack
Over 80 RPG Characters with Animations
Pixel Characters Collection Vol 1
Pixel Effects Collection Vol 1
Pixel Hero Base
Pro Sound Collection
RPG Dungeon Tileset Plus 2 Bonus Characters
RPG Inventory Icons Pack Vol 1
RPG Items – Retro Pack
RPG Overworld Tileset
Skill Icon Pack
Tiny, Tiny Heroes – Armies
Weapon and Armor Icon Pack”

+infos(oficial): LINK

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