Oferta de trabalho (remota)

Duas propostas de trabalho para Portugal, trabalho remoto, por parte da empresa Fortis Games que recentemente comprou o estúdio português Doppio Games.

Uma para: Game Designer
“About the role (the mission, why this role exists, the thing you do over and over again)
Create a set of well balanced, exciting characters that form the foundation of a cohesive game. Release engaging content inside architected systems at a steady rate, for a wide variety of players. Become a strong, foundational designer who governs from first principles.

What you’ll achieve (outcomes vs what people will do)
Create internal content that feels well balanced, cohesive and supports the broader gameplay
Develop a strong methodology for creating balanced combat content using hypotheses and testing
Create design documents to articulate the most important pillars and aspects of the gameplay experience
Consider and evaluate data from gameplay in meaningful ways in order to improve your balancing
Develop a strong understanding of the interrelationships between different buckets of content and articulate clearly to other members of the design team
Maintain a rigid schedule for content generation
Analyze and adjust content quality and depth to avoid depreciating returns in design
Understand and incrementally improve internal content generation systems for all types of model data
Provide input on new content systems, broader design and live ops roadmap with content consumption in mind.
Create design overviews to articulate improvements in design thought, through incremental improvements of these documents via feedback
Help the design team in sounding out the fundamentals of new systems & new games

What you’ll need to be successful (competencies)
Working knowledge of Unity
Experience in balancing numerically using spreadsheets
Keen interest in games as a service and their workings
Understanding of the systems that drive progression in MMOs/RPGs”

e para Senior Game Designer:
“About the role (the mission, why this role exists, the thing you do over and over again)
Work with product leadership to design major systems and features for new game concepts.
Help direct and mentor other members of the product team.
Share learnings with the broader product team and contribute to the overall development of our product strategy and portfolio of games.

What you’ll achieve (outcomes vs what people will do)
You will design core systems in our new games that are critical to their success by:
Creating proposals that articulate how these features and systems uphold the game’s design pillars and drive the desired player behaviors
Delivering clear, concise, and thorough specifications to cross functional teams responsible for implementing these systems
Providing team members with direction on how content should be created, tuned, and live operated within these systems
You will become an expert in the opportunity spaces, genres, and game mechanics you explore during prototyping and share your learnings with the broader product team to advance our collective knowledge.
You will develop an independent design philosophy that upholds the key tenets of Fortis’ approach to products while adding your own unique approach to thinking about emerging patterns in service design.

What you’ll need to be successful
A holistic view of game systems and the downstream effects of all design decisions throughout both the product and player lifecycle.
A firm understanding of fundamental design principles, metagame systems, game economies, and player psychology that allows you to design from first principles.
Ability to articulate the nuances of abstract concepts and how they apply to complex, interrelated systems.
Ability to synthesize feedback from team members, user playtests, and other validation efforts into product insights and rapidly iterate on designs.
Extensive knowledge of games as a service and live operations – you know what good looks like and can build efficient design processes, workflows, and tooling to enable it.
Enthusiasm for directing, mentoring, and otherwise elevating the people around you to do their best work.
A natural curiosity and eagerness to learn – we believe this is essential to our ability to stay ahead of the market and value this over years of experience.

We expect our leaders to continue being students of their craft and the game spaces they’re working in. You should be educated on the latest trends and have a strong perspective on how they relate to our current and future projects.”

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