Prémios IndieX 2021 (os finalistas)

Os finalistas de 2021 são:
Arrival: zero earth, Jounitus
Affectus, Affectus games
Letters, 5am games
Against the storm, Eremite games
Roadout, Rastrolabs games studio
Imagine earth, Serious bros.
The riftbreaker, Exor studios
Haiku, the robot, Mister morris games
Terrorbane, Bitnine studio
Rain on your parade, Unbound creations
Townseek, Whales and games
Glitched, En house studios
Agent klutz, Notagamestudio
Lovecraft’s untold stories 2, Llc blini games
Squadron 51, Loomiarts, fehorama filmes
Lumbearjack, Finalboss games
Cloudpunk – city of ghost, Ion lands
Fuzz force: spook squad, Fuzz force
Tunnel of doom, Antti vaihia
Berserk boy, Berserk boy games
Abriss, Randwerk
Lost nova, Jon nielsen
Yuki,Arvore immersive
Opus: echo of starsong, Sigono
Samurai gunn 2, Beau blyth, nelson boles, valentin seiche, doseone, adam robezzoli, evan hemsley, yellowafterlife
Project haven, Code three fifty one
Little goody two shoes, Astralshift
Dark light ,Mirari&co.
A musical story, Glee cheese studio
Rising hell, Tahoe games
A space for the unbound, Mojiken studio
Legion td 2, Autoattack games
You suck at parking, Happy volcano
Gamedec, Anshar studios
Dorfromantik, Toukana interactive
Firegirl, Dejima
Malice & greed, Xendra
City of beats, Torched hill
Sail forth, David evans games
Paper trail, Newfangled games
Power chord, Big blue bubble
Starstruck: hands of time, Createdelic, llc
Strategic mind: fight for freedom, Starni games
Time loader, Flazm
Unmetal, Un_epic fran / francisco tellez de meneses
Spirit of the island, 1m bits horde
Terrain of magical expertise, Neo-c productions l.l.c
Kapital: sparks of revolution, Lapovich team
Undying, Vanimals
Out of line, Nerd monkeys


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