Humble Software Bundle: Fresh Start Game Dev Assets Bundle (uma campanha)

Mais uma campanha da malta da Humble.. e desta vez com assets para o desenvolvimento de videojogos. Da lista de prendas desta campanha consta:
Cyber City Autoshop Interior Tileset
Isometric Dungeon Designer Expansion
Gothic Castle Asset Pack
Cursed Kingdoms Battlebacks
Medieval High Seas
Medieval Townsfolk
Tiny Tales Worldmap Tileset Pack
RPG Battlers – 9th 50 – 50 more Shades
Horror City – Hospital Tiles
Horror City – Retail Tiles Add-on
Visustella Modern City Vol 1
Visustella Modern City Vol 1
Isometric Dungeon Designer
RPG Battlers – 7th 50 Time Fantasy Tribute
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – Lost Levels
Isometric Dungeon Designer Outdoor Edition
Visustella Modern City Vol 2
Cursed Kingdoms Monster Pack
Crystal Cavern Asset Pack
Overworld Battlebacks
Tiny Tales Dungeon Tileset Pack
RPG Battlers – 8th 50 More Time Fantasy Tribute
Visustella School Horror Vol 1
Cursed Kingdom Dungeon Tileset
Downtown Dungeon
Isometric Dungeon Designer, Cyberpunk Edition
Rogue Encampment Game Assets
2.5D Character Pieces – World War II
Medieval Warfare Knights Templar Bundle
Tiny Tales Overworld Tileset Pack
Medieval: Bosses
2.5D Scorching Sands
RPG Battlers – Pixel Style 1
Slasher Forest Tile Pack
2.5D Snow and Ice
2.5D World War II Tiles

Animated FX
Animations Select – Dark
Animations Select – Earth
Animations Select – Water
Animation Pack: Indirect
Medieval Heroes I
Animations Collection 2 – Quantum
Animations Select – Thunder
Animations Collection III: Thaumaturgy

Comic Book
Galefire – The Legendary Captain Slayde

Animated FX, Exclusive to Humble Bundle
Animation Pack: Support
Animation Pack: Weapon
Animation Pack: Elemental

Graphics, Exclusive to Humble Bundle
Rural Japan Asset Pack

Music, Exclusive to Humble Bundle
Nightmares Vol. 2
Madness Vol. 2
Inspirational Music Vol. 5

8-Bit Music & SFX
Retro Fantasy Music Pack Vol. 01
Cyber City Music Pack
Storyteller’s Music Pack

Sci-Fi SFX


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