Ainda sobre o Command and Conquer remastered (uma entrevista)

A entrevista dada pelo produto do jogo Jim Vessella,

“On March 11 Producer Jim Vessella took to Twitter to answer your questions about the Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection. His “Ask Me Almost Anything” session included a wide variety of questions about all aspects of the remastered games, and we’ve picked out some of the top ones, along with Jim’s answers to post below:

Question: “If [we] buy [the game on] Steam, do we need Origin installed to play the game on Steam or [do we] only need to link/sign in with an EA account?”

Answer: Right now, Steam players will need to link to an EA Account upon first bootup. However, they will not need the Origin Client installed.

Question: “How extensive is the Map Editor? Can you make single-player missions with it?”

Answer: Yes! The Map Editor can create both single-player and multiplayer maps. We’re excited to see what the community creates!

Question: “Hi Jim, will there be difficulty levels on Tiberian Dawn? [On] the original [it] wasn’t and I would like to play it on brutal. Second, how smart is the AI? [On] the original you could block units with sandbags and things like destroying the harvester and they wouldn’t buy a new one.”

Answer: I’m glad you asked! We’ve actually added difficulty levels to the campaign for Tiberian Dawn, along with Skirmish mode with AI difficulty levels as well. We did keep many of the AI behaviors the same but have fixed a few AI bugs along the way.

Question: “Will the graphics switch work in multiplayer, or is it for campaign only? Cheers, Jim!”

Answer: The graphics switching took some magical code work by the Petroglyph team. It works in solo modes, so Campaign and Skirmish, but not in Multiplayer. It’s one of my favorite features in the Remastered Collection.

Question: “How do the radar Jammers work? And are there any units that have gotten a rework to make them more viable? (Eg medics, [thieves], spies).”

Answer: Our goal has been to maintain the authentic gameplay of the classic games, so we’ve kept the functionality of all the units the same.

Question: “Is there a game speed controller in the remaster like in the original?”

Answer: Yes, you can adjust the game speed for yourself in both Campaign and Skirmish, and then the Host can choose it for everyone in Multiplayer.

Question: “You can unlock the extra content (videos, etc.) just by playing or there will be some sort of challenge? Vague answers welcomed.”

Answer: You’ll earn a piece of behind-the-scenes content each time you complete a campaign mission (regardless of difficulty level). We do track which difficulty you completed campaign missions on, so for a true challenge try to complete all missions on Hard.

Question: “If I pre-ordered [the] 25th Anniversary Edition. [Will I be] able to play on release or [will] I need to wait [for] my ordered physical copy?”

Answer: Both Collector’s Editions come with a Steam code, which will be emailed to you in the days prior to launch on June 5. That way you can pre-load and play the minute the game comes out, regardless of when your physical copy arrives.

Question: “In multiplayer can you form alliances with players while in-game like RA2? (handy for people DC or leave). Does it support different match types 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, FFA, etc.?”

Answer: Great question! In the new Custom Game Lobby, you can set teams ahead of time and have any combination you’d like. So 2v2, 3v2v3, 1v7, take your pick! (Up to four players for Tiberian Dawn, and eight players for Red Alert).

Question: “Will the unit balance in remaster remain [the] same as in [the] original games, and what about maximum map size in Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert?”

Answer: We’ve decided to keep the balance and map sizes the same as the legacy titles. The Tiberian Dawn maps support four players, while certain Red Alert maps support up to eight players.

Só faltou uma pergunta muito importante:
“but why the hell are postage prices so expensive? cost almost half the game”

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