Archiving Online Video Games

Algumas referências sobre o tema “Archiving Online Video Games”:

    • Adrienne Shaw’s Rainbow Arcade exhibition – LINK
    • Strong National Museum of Play (where the International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG) is housed) – LINK
    • Software Preservation Network helpful – LINK
    • Rhizome collective – LINK
    • The reports from the Trope Tank at MIT – LINK
    • Galloway, P. K. (2011). Retrocomputing, archival research, and digital heritage preservation: A computer museum and ischool collaboration. Library Trends, 59(4), 623-636. – LINK
    • Newman, James. Best before: Videogames, Supersession and Obsolescence. Routledge, 2012. – LINK
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    • Brown, Samantha, Samantha Lowrance, and Catherine Whited. “Preservation Practices of Videogames in Archives,” 2018. – LINK
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    • Nylund, Niklas. “Walkthrough and Let’s Play: Evaluating Preservation Methods for Digital Games.” In Proceedings of the 19th International Academic Mindtrek Conference, 55–62. AcademicMindTrek ’15. New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2015. – LINK
    • Flashpoint – LINK
    • Game Preservation Initiatives – LINK
    • Archaeogaming – LINK
    • 100 New Arcade Machines Added to the Internet Arcade – LINK
    • Strong Museum of Play – LINK
    • Preserving Virtual Worlds I and II. – LINK
    • Kaltman, Eric, et al. “A unified approach to preserving cultural software objects and their development histories.” (2014). – LINK
    • Dutch sound& vision institute – LINK
    • Video “Games as a service” is fraud. – LINK


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