Month: December 2021

Novo ano e mais livros

A malta da editora BitMap Books já tem disponibilizada a possibilidade de compra do novo livro “Go Straight: The Ultimate Guide to Side-Scrolling Beat-’Em-Ups”, que retrata ao longo de 450 páginas alguns dos jogos que foram desenvolvidos e que são do género beat-’em-up”. A lista é extensa e ao longo das 450 páginas estes jogos são apresentados e ilustrados centenas destes jogos. Em fevereiro de 2022 vai ser disponibilizado.

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O livro “Game Writing, Narrative Skills for Videogames”

Mais um daqueles livros que pretendo ler: “Game Writing, Narrative Skills for Videogames” com a edição de Chris Bateman. Do livro consta o seguinte texto de apresentação:
“As the videogame industry has grown up, the need for better stories and characters has dramatically increased, yet traditional screenwriting techniques alone cannot equip writers for the unique challenges of writing stories where the actions and decisions of a diverse range of players are at the centre of every narrative experience. Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames was the first book to demystify the emerging field of game writing by identifying and explaining the skills required for creating videogame narrative.

Through the insights and experiences of professional game writers, this revised edition captures a snapshot of the narrative skills employed in today’s game industry and presents them as practical articles accompanied by exercises for developing the skills discussed. The book carefully explains the foundations of the craft of game writing, detailing all aspects of the process from the basics of narrative to guiding the player and the challenges of nonlinear storytelling. Throughout the book there is a strong emphasis on the skills developers and publishers expect game writers to know.

This second edition brings the material up to date and adds four new chapters covering MMOs, script formats, narrative design for urban games, and new ways to think about videogame narrative as an art form. Suitable for both beginners and experienced writers, Game Writing is the essential guide to all the techniques of game writing. There’s no better starting point for someone wishing to get into this exciting field, whether they are new game writers wishing to hone their skills, or screenwriters hoping to transfer their skills to the games industry.”

E ainda conta com as seções de:
1. Introduction to Game Narrative, Richard Dansky
2. The Basics of Narrative, Stephen Jacobs
3. Writing for Games, Richard Boon
4. Nonlinear Game Narrative, Mary DeMarle
5. Keeping the Player on Track, Chris Bateman
6. Game Characters, Andrew S. Walsh
7. Cut Scenes and Scripted Events. Richard Dansky
8. Writing Comedy for Videogames, Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin
9. Writing for Licenses, James Swallow
10. The Needs of the Audience, Rhianna Pratchett
11. Beware of the Localization, Tim Langdell
12. Adding Magic: The Voice Actors, Coray Seifert
13. Interchangeable Dialogue Content, Dr. Ernest Adams
14. Dialogue Engines, Chris Bateman
15. Massively Multiplayer Storytelling, Dr. Richard A. Bartle
16. The Tales Cities Tell, Dr. Konstantinos Dimopoulos
17. Interactive Script Formats, Wendy Despain
18. The Avatar and the Player’s Mask, Chris Bateman

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VROCK disponivel para a PlayStation 4

Já está disponivel para a consola PlayStation 4 o jogo desenvolvido em Portugal pelo Adamastor Studio (que provavelmente antes era o Game Studio 78) de nome VROCK.

Trata-se de um jogo no formato de realidade virtual que permite interagir com uma série de instrumentos musicais relacionados com alguns temas musicais.

Este jogo ganhou os prémios PlayStation 2016 em Portugal, como melhor jogo e o mais inovador.


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MoshBit Awards 2021

No passado dia 19 de dezembro decorreram as entregas dos prémios MoshBit Awards. Da lista de vencedores consta:
Jogo Nacional Mais Aguardado
Who Killed Mr. White? (notagamestudio)
Melhor Jogo Nacional
12 Minutes (Luis Antonio)

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Arcadeology, um projeto sobre arcades

Para quem jogou, ou ainda joga, e gosta de jogos Arcade, existe um grupo de “investigação” e de preservação que produziu um documentário acerca deste assunto.
Da apresentação do projeto surge: “Arcadeology is a project undertaken by the Massiva Research Group (UMH) , whose aim is to document and disseminate the work carried out by the Arcade Vintage Association in the field of industrial archaeology and the recovery of gaming machines (mainly from 1970 to 2000).”

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Proposta de trabalho (Lisboa)

A Universidade Lusófona’s Research Center for Digital Human-Environment Interaction Lab tem a decorrer as seguintes propostas:
traditional game development and feature implementation
“Experience with Unity 3D and up to date with the newest engine features
Proficient in C#/Python and awareness of best code practices
Source Code Management experience (Git)”
+infos(oficial): LINK

technical artistry, such as scene and asset optimization
“Art-pipeline optimizations
Proficient in C#/Python and awareness of best code practices
Source Code Management experience (Git)”
+infos(oficial): LINK

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Proposta de trabalho (Lisboa)

Anda uma empresa de RH a procurar um
Do texto consta:

Our client is a specialized Company in developer and publisher of games for PC and consoles that wants to recruit a Senior Game Designer (m/f) for Lisbon.

Main Functions
Turn visions and ideas into playable events;
Collaboration with the Designers and Environment Artists to build engaging play spaces and translate a feature design into a fleshed-out system design with clear iterations;
Prototyping certain features and mechanics in Blueprints before this is handed off to Programmers for final implementation;
Additional duties include assisting with content creation for game development and assisting with quality control of all products.
Profile Required
Degree in Computer Engineering (or similar);
5+ years of experience in similar positions;
Experience in Gaming (Mandatory);
Extensive experience with Gameplay Scripting, preferably UE4 Blueprints;
Experience with designing third-person/ first-person/ unconventional shooters, and/ or experience designing for vehicular shooters;
Fluent in English (Mandatory).
Note: They are currently working remotely but the goal is to return to the offices even if it is on time.

To respond to this job offer, please send us your CV with the reference GAMEDESIGNER_MM to the following email address:”
+infos(rede social): LINK

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Proposta de trabalho (em Lisboa ou hibrido)

Lead Game Designer
“From critically acclaimed The Longest Journey to the very first sci-fi MMO Anarchy Online, to the brutal trials of Conan Exiles, our 28-year history has set our players uniquely up for a journey to the harsh world of Dune, where the continual battle for survival and spice will bring a challenge that is Legendary.

The Funcom team consists of over 250 people located in 5 studios – Norway, the US, Portugal, Sweden, a newly opened Romania studio – plus an additional UI/UX hub in the UK. As part of Funcom’s ongoing growth, and completing a successful turnaround, Funcom is now backed by Tencent, the largest online gaming company in the world!

Now, Funcom is working on a survival open-world crafting game set in the universe of Dune and is looking for one Lead Game Designer for its team in Oslo, Norway and one Lead Game Designer in Lisbon, Portugal. As a part of this team, you will take part in bringing this amazing world to life, while pushing the boundaries of quality and gameplay in the survival genre.

Your Mission in Funcom

As Lead Game Designer, you will help shape the vision for a survival open-world crafting game set in the Dune universe. You will manage designers in one or more strike teams and drive design and content implementation efforts in sections of the game, reporting to the game director. You will assist the design team in captivating players with memorable experiences through mentor-driven leadership. You will effectively liaise with teams which depend on the content your team delivers, as well as making sure your team gets the support they need from other teams.

The Lead Game Designer has experience planning and implementing game features and content. You will work with content design teams and narrative to ensure that the content and features are true to the Dune IP, while delivering a satisfying game experience. You will be challenged to create content that supports the core fantasies of Dune. Most importantly, the Lead Game Designer will oversee the creation of the game toolbox, as well as make sure content designers use the toolbox optimally.

How you can have an impact in your position:
Lead the designers in one or more strike teams through direct mentorship
Assist in the creation of the Content Bible for the game
Expand the game world through game features and content, following the creative vision and Content Bible
Create quality goals, workflows, and guides for all game features and content relevant to your areas of ownership
Collaborate and build relationships with various strike teams that are working on their sections of the game
Plan creation of content and features, including conception, presentation, iteration, and documentation in relevant ownership areas
Feedback on designs, content and features and help drive efforts to improve the quality of the game

We are looking for someone that has:
A bachelor’s degree
5+ years of experience in the game industry working in a game design capacity
2+ years of experience leading/managing a team
Shipped titles in a professional capacity
Extensive understanding of design processes including NPC design, feature design, level design, content design, as well as experience implementing features and content
Passion for leadership and mentoring
Clear, effective communication skills across teams and cultures
Motivation and drive to collaborate and advance positive change in a studio environment
The ability to work diligently while thinking critically and resolving complex issues

In addition, the perfect candidate has:
Experience working on survival games
Enjoys playing survival games
Familiarity with Dune and the Dune IP

We evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis and recommend candidates to apply as soon as possible!

Please apply in English.”

Ainda para esta empresa e só para Lisboa encontrei estas oportunidades:


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Videojogo, Disse Ela (VDE)

“Uma comunidade de networking para jogadoras e mulheres que trabalham na indústria do gaming.
Juntamos histórias e comandos, uma vez por mês, num espaço descontraído de conversa, troca de experiências e networking.”

Tenho encontrado algumas chamadas/pedidos de que se alinhem neste grupo mais mulheres que fazem parte da indústria de videojogos. Fica aqui o meu registo que o grupo existe e que a chamada de mais pessoas é importante.


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