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Humble Unreal Engine Game Development Bundle (uma campanha)

Do pack faz parte:
Unreal Cinematics Training Course
Star Sparrow Modular Spaceship
Another Stylized Material Collection 8
Math For Games Training Course
Unreal C++ v4.1X Training Course
Master Control Material
Rusty Barrels Volume 2
Another Easy Terrain Material
Unreal Multiplayer Training Course
Unreal C++ 4.22 Training Course
Unreal Blueprint Training Course
Unreal VR Training Course
Steampunk / Victorian Environment with vehicles
Gamemaster Audio – ProSound Mini Pack
Slum Village Environment

+infos(campanha): LINK

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Humble learn and play vr-ar game dev bundle (uma campanha)

da lista deste novo bundle aparece:
Intro to Augmented Reality
Intro to Game Development with Unity
Create Your First 3D Game with Unity
VR Game Development for Beginners
VR Development with Controllers
Insect Revolution V
AR Projects – Job Training App
AR Projects – Geology App
VR Pointers – Space Station App
VR Projects – Night with Mosquitos Game
VR Projects – Space Invaders
Intro to ARKit
Intro to ARCore
AR Projects – Science App for Kids
Panzer Panic VR
Keep Defending
Project-Based Oculus Avatars and Platform SDK
VR Projects – 360 Photos Experience
VR Projects – 360 Video Quiz App
VR Projects – Puzzle Game
VR Projects – Fitness Game
VR Projects – Cabin Experience
VR Projects – Third-Person Platformer Game
VR Projects – Underwater Shark Experience
VR Projects – First-Person Shooter
VR Projects – Build an RPG
AR Game Development – Space Shooter
VR Projects – Exploration Game
Stunt Kite Masters VR
Devil and the Fairy

+infos(campanha): LINK

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Estatística or else..

(com a referência “SuperData XR Q3 2019” por parte da malta da superdataresearch.com)

2019 earnings from consumer sales of VR headsets are set to grow 16% over 2018. However, enterprise headset revenue is on track to jump by 69% during the same period. Businesses have been sold on the potential of VR. Enterprise customers are rapidly adopting VR for purposes like employee training and automotive design.

Consumer VR software revenue is on track to earn over $1B for the first time in 2019. Location-based entertainment revenue is set to earn roughly half the total as attractions like Avengers: Damage Control‎ from The Void bring theme-park quality experiences to consumers in a range of venues like malls.

The Valve index sold 46K units in its first quarter on the market. While this was a smaller figure than the quarterly launch numbers of other major VR headsets, Valve’s device is designed to reach the most dedicated enthusiasts given its price of up to $1000.


Oculus Quest sold 180K units during the quarter, nearly double the combined sales figures for the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Go. It’s clear Facebook’s VR efforts in the near-term will be focused on its high-end standalone device. Lifetime sales for the device reached nearly 400,000 units through the end of Q3.

The Quest is poised for a strong holiday season as one of the most “giftable” VR headsets around. The device has the advantage of simplicity since it doesn’t need to be plugged into a powerful PC. Both the Oculus Go (which is a standalone device like the Quest) and the PlayStation VR (which features a recognizable gaming brand) saw big jumps in quarterly sales volume during their first full holiday season on the market.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite isn’t casting a spell on wallets. Pokémon GO from Niantic had its second-best month ever in terms of revenue in August 2019. Meanwhile, the company’s new title Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had a strong launch in terms of player numbers, but it only earned 1% of the revenue Pokémon GO did from June to August.

+infos(fonte): https://www.superdataresearch.com/superdata-xr-update/

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Humble book bundle: developing your own games by springer (uma campanha)

da lista deste bundle aparecem os seguintes livros:
Java Game Development with LibGDX
Beginning Swift Games Development for iOS
Learn Unity for Android Game Development
Practical Video Game Bots
Developing Games on the Raspberry Pi
Developing Turn-Based Multiplayer Games
Python, PyGame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development
Mostly Codeless Game Development
Learn Unity for Windows 10 Game Development
The Advanced Game Developer’s Toolkit
Pro Java 9 Games Development
Building Games with Ethereum Smart Contracts
Essential TypeScript
Practical GameMaker: Studio
Physically Based Shader Development for Unity 2017
Developing 2D Games with Unity
Program Arcade Games: With Python and Pygame
Beginning Android Games
Let’s Build a Multiplayer Phaser Game
Beginning iOS AR Game Development
Game Development with Construct 2
Understanding Game Application Development
Pro HTML5 Games
Introducing JavaScript Game Development
GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Estatística or else..

What other games are strategy fans playing?
“Stellaris and Total War: Three Kingdoms are some of the most popular strategy titles on PC. However, a SuperData analysis shows that while the titles share a genre, they appeal to distinct audiences. Among gamers who have purchased either title, just 2% have bought both games. This means publishers releasing a strategy game need to focus on a more specific audience than simply “strategy fans.””

+infos(oficial): LINK

Worldwide digital games market: August 2019
“Mobile grows share of total worldwide spending. Consumers spent $8.9 billion digitally worldwide in August across console, PC and mobile, up 2% from last year. Mobile, which was the fastest-growing segment, made up 62% of the total compared to 57% last August.”

Worldwide digital spending declines 1% to $8.9 billion in September. Total spend on console and PC declined 17% and 3% year-over-year respectively, despite a slew of new launches. This more than offset a 6% increase on mobile, which increased its share of the total market to 59% this month.

NBA2K and FIFA’s latest releases were slow out of the gate. In-game spending for the NBA2K franchise grew only 6% in September, while the FIFA franchise declined slightly year-over-year due to an unfavorable comparison against World Cup after-effects last year. This compares to last September, where the two franchises saw combined in-game spending growth of 24%.

Fortnite hits lowest point since launch just before “Fortnite Chapter 2“. We estimate Fortnite revenue across all platforms declined 43% month-over-month in September, marking the worst performing month of revenue since November 2017.

Fate/Grand Order receives a huge boost from China. Fate/Grand Order catapulted into the top spot on our mobile rankings this month with $246 million in revenue, up significantly from $131 million in August and $98 million last September, with the majority of the revenue increase coming from China.

Borderlands 3 marks another solid release for 2K Games. Borderlands 3 sold an estimated 3.3 million digital units across console and PC in September. The average selling price per unit came in at an above-average $69 due to Deluxe Edition sales.

+infos(oficial): LINK

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The Pyramid of Game Design

Gostava de ter acesso a este livro “The Pyramid of Game Design” de Nicholas Lovell:

“Game design is changing. The emergence of service games on PC, mobile and console has created new expectations amongst consumers and requires new techniques from game makers.

In The Pyramid of Game Design, Nicholas Lovell identifies and explains the frameworks and techniques you need to deliver fun, profitable games. Using examples of games ranging from modern free-to-play titles to the earliest arcade games, via PC strategy and traditional boxed titles, Lovell shows how game development has evolved, and provides game makers with the tools to evolve with it.

Harness the Base, Retention and Superfan Layers to create a powerful Core Loop.
Design the player Session to keep players playing while being respectful of their time.
Accept that there are few fixed rules: just trade-offs with consequences.
Adopt Agile and Lean techniques to “learn what you need you learn” quickly
Use analytics, paired with design skills and player feedback, to improve the fun, engagement and profitability of your games.
Adapt your marketing techniques to the reality of the service game era
Consider the ethics of game design in a rapidly changing world.
Lovell shows how service games require all the skills of product game development, and more. He provides a toolset for game makers of all varieties to create fun, profitable games. Filled with practical advice, memorable anecdotes and a wealth of game knowledge, the Pyramid of Game Design is a must-read for all game developers.

+infos(editora): LINK


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Humble unity bundle: become a game developer (uma campanha)

da lista deste novo bundle aparece:
Easy Mobile Pro (plugin para o Unity)
Mtree – tree creation (plugin para o Unity)
Snaps Prototype | Asian Residential (plugin para o Unity)
Snaps Art HD | Asian Residential (plugin para o Unity)
Dynamic Bone (plugin para o Unity)
UMotion Pro – Animation Editor (plugin para o Unity)
DoozyUI: Complete UI Management System (plugin para o Unity)
Snaps Prototype | Construction Site (assets)
Snaps Art HD | Construction Site (assets)
Locked contentUnity Learn Premium (video lessons)
PlayMaker (plugin para o Unity)
Aura 2 – Volumetric Lighting & Fog (plugin para o Unity)
Snaps Prototype | Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh (assets)
Snaps Art HD | Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh (assets)
The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019 (video lessons)

+infos(campanha): LINK

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Humble book bundle: become a game developer (uma campanha)

Esta é mais uma campanha apoiada pela malta da Humble.. a lista é:
Unity 2018 Artificial Intelligence Cookbook, Second Edition
Hands-on Game Development with Unity 2018.1, Video
Mobile Game Development with Unity 3D 2019, Video
Game Design with Unity 2019, Video
Unity Artificial Intelligence Programming, Fourth Edition
Practical Unity Game Development, Video
Locked contentHands-On Augmented Reality with ARCore and Unity, Video
Introduction to Unity, Video
Skeletons vs Zombies MOBA With Multiplayer in Unity, Video
Beginner and Advanced Lighting in Unity, Video
Cinematics and Animations in Unity, Video
Unity Virtual Reality Projects, Second Edition
Unity 2018 Shaders and Effects Cookbook, Third Edition
Unity 2018 Cookbook, Third Edition
Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 2019, Fourth Edition
Master ARCore 1.3 Unity SDK – Build 6 Augmented Reality Apps, Video
Learn to Code in C# in Unity 3D, Video
Create an Image Target Based Augmented Reality Experience Using Unity 3D and Vuforia 7, Video
Create Augmented Reality Apps using Vuforia 7 in Unity, Video
Create a Game Environment with Blender and Unity, Video

..por menos de 14 euros.

+infos(a campanha): LINK

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Campanha para um curso de matemátia

Está a decorrer uma campanha no famoso site kickstarter sobre o tema de matemática para os videojogos. O autor deste projeto é o não menos famoso Ben Tristem sendo o resultado final um curso no site da Udemy e que vai abordaros temas de: basic arithmetic, matrices, vectors, number systems and bases, projectiles, constant acceleration formula, combinations, basic probability, trigonometry, rotations including quaternions, algebra, complex numbers, interpolation.

Parece que a melhor opção é a de 23 ou 27 libras (dependendo se as metas forem atingidas) pois depois dá direito a escolher o acesso a dois dos seguintes cursos:
Creativity for Coders: How to Create Ideas from Scratch
Unreal Engine Blueprint Developer: Learn Visual Scripting
Blender Environment Artist: Create 3D Worlds From Scratch
Discovering Godot: Make Video Games in Python-like GDScript
Unity Tech Art: Realistic Lighting For Game Development
Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++
Blender Character Creator: Rigging Humanoid 3D Characters
Unreal VR Dev: Make VR Experiences with Unreal Engine in C++
RPG Core Combat Creator: Learn Intermediate Unity C# Coding
Complete C# Unity Developer 3D: Learn to Code Making Games
Finish It! Motivation & Processes For Game & App Development
The Board Game Developer: Become A Game Design Ninja
How To Get A Job In The Video Game Industry
Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games
Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners
Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games

+infos(campanha): LINK

+infos(oficial): https://www.gamedev.tv/

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Um texto interessante acerca do uso de videojogos

Encontrei este post acerca do uso de videojogos e as possíveis mudanças que eles podem trazer. Com o título “Can gaming inspire social change?” por Anjuli Borgonha.

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Sex lives and video games (uma exposição)

Vai estar patente em Berlim, mais concretamente no Schwules Museum, uma exposição acerca dos videojogos desenvolvidos sobre o “chapéu/cultura” de LGBTQ. A exposição vai ficar patente até meados de maio de 2019.

+infos(oficial): https://lgbtqgamearchive.com/

+infos(Schwules Museum): https://www.schwulesmuseum.de/

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Craftpix, assets para ajudar no desenvolvimento de videojogos

Recursos (assets) que não são todos pagos.. e de vez em quando tem umas coisas gratuitas interessantes.

+infos(craftpix): https://craftpix.net/

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Os prémios (2018) do concurso IndieX

Sword Legacy: Omen

Those Who Remain (trailer)

Pixel Ripped 1989


She and the Light Bearer

The Irrational World of Damien (Shine)

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Entrevista a uma editora de videojogos: Cereal Games

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Livros a consumir (videojogos)

Metagaming Playing, Competing, Spectating, Cheating, Trading, Making, And Breaking Videogames de Stephanie Boluk e Patrick Lemieux
Fans And Videogames Histories, Fandom, Archives

A Lógica Do Jogo: Recriando Clássicos Da História Dos Videogames de Marcus Becker
How To Talk About Videogames de Ian, Prof. Bogost
Digital Games As History How Videogames Represent The Past And Offer Access To Historical Practice de Adam Chapman
Playback A Genealogy Of 1980s British Videogames de Alex Wade

Co-Creating Videogames de John Banks

Developer’S Dilemma The Secret World Of Videogame Creators de Casey O’Donnell
Videogames And Education de Harry J. Brown

Digital Games: A Context for Cognitive Development: New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, Number 139

The Videogames Handbook de James Newman, David Surman e Iain Simons
How To Do Things With Videogames de Ian Bogost

Persuasive Games The Expressive Power Of Videogames de Ian Bogost

Beyond Game Design Nine Steps Towards Creating Better Videogames de Chris Bateman

Studying Videogames de Wayne O’Brien e Julian Mcdougall
Playing With Videogames de James Newman

Game Writing Narrative Skills For Videogames de Chris Bateman
Computer Games: Text, Narrative and Play de Diane Carr, David Buckingham, Andrew Burn, Gareth Schott

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Recursos para usar em videojogos

Existem vários repositórios acerca de recursos a usar em videojogos.. aqui fica mais um! Alguns são grátis outros nem por isso, mas pagamos directamente ao autor.

Surgiu já não sei onde esta referencia a este autor e cá fica ele!!

+infos(homarttaco): https://cubebrush.co/homarttaco

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Ferramentas para o desenvolvimento de videojogos e outras apps

Existem por aí uma série de sites, mais ou menos sérios, mais ou menos criteriosos acerca de ferramentas para o desenvolvimento de videojogos ou apps

+infos(por Eden Beinart): LINK

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retro videogamer, um site

Encontrei um site que mostra algumas noticias sobre videojogos antigos. É mais um blog do que um site, já que vão sendo colocadas algumas noticias sobre a temática.

+infos(link): http://www.retrovideogamer.co.uk/

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Recursos de sprites, assets para usar em videojogos

Kenney é um artista digital que constrói objectos que podem ser usados nos videojogos, alguns de forma livre/grátis outras a troco de uma pequena ajuda monetária.

+infos(assets do kenney): http://kenney.nl/assets/

+infos(como o ajudar): LINK

+infos(como usar): LINK

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Story or Gameplay? um texto..

+infos: LINK

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Support for Development of European Video Games 2017


A comissão europeia tem um concurso aberto a todos aqueles que querem desenvolver videojogos na união europeia. Este concurso aberto a todos (estúdios com mais de 12 meses de actividade) permite obter fundos para ajudar no desenvolvimento de projectos nesta área.

As candidaturas são até ao inicio do mês de março.

+infos: LINK


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Livros sobre videojogos..

(2013)Honoring the Code: Conversations with Great Game Designers de Matt Barton
(2003)The Video Game Theory Reader de Mark J. P. Wolf
(2005)21st Century Game Design de Chris Bateman e Richard Boon
(2013)Fundamentals of Game Design de Ernest Adams
(2009)Level Design: Concept, Theory, and Practice de Rudolf Kremers
(2014)An Architectural Approach to Level Design de Christopher W. Totten
(2014)Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development: From Concept to Playable Game – with Unity and C# de Jeremy Gibson
(2008)Game Feel: A Game Designer’s Guide to Virtual Sensation de Steve Swink
(2012)Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World de Jane McGonigal
(2015)Uncertainty in Games de Greg Costikyan
(2012)Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design de Ernest Adams e Joris Dormans
(2004)Game Design, Theory and Practice de Richard Rouse III
(2003)Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals de Katie Salen e Eric Zimmerman
(2008)Understanding Video Games: The Essential Introduction de Simon Egenfeldt-Nielson, Jonas Heide Smith, Susana Pajares Tosca
(2007)Videogame, player, text de Barry Atkins e Tanya Krzywinska
(2012)Characteristics of Games de George Skaff Elias, Richard Garfield, K. Robert Gutschera, Peter Whitley, Eric Zimmerman
(2008)Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games de Tracy Fullerton
(2013)Videogames de James Newman
(2008)Challenges for Game Designers de Brenda Brathwaite, Ian Schreiber
(2011)Half-Real: Video Games between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds de Jesper Juul
(2014)Play Matters de Miguel Sicart
(2003)Designing Virtual Worlds de Richard A. Bartle
(2010)Replay: The History of Video Games de Tristan Donovan
(2008)The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design de Flint Dille, John Zuur Platten
(2007)The Game Maker’s Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners de Jacob Habgood , Mark Overmars, Phil Wilson
(2014)Video Game Storytelling: What Every Developer Needs to Know about Narrative Techniques de Evan Skolnick
(2010)The Game Maker’s Companion (Technology in Action) de Jacob Habgood, Nana Nielsen, Martin Rijks
(2014)Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games de Tracy Fullerton
(2012)A Mind Forever Voyaging: A History of Storytelling in Video Games de Dylan Holmes
(2001)The Ultimate History of Video Games: From Pong to Pokemon–The Story Behind the Craze That Touched Our Lives and Changed the World de Steven Kent
(2009)Games of Empire: Global Capitalism and Video Games de Nick Dyer-Witheford, Greig de Peuter
(2011)Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter de Tom Bissell
(2008)Game Feel: A Game Designer’s Guide to Virtual Sensation de Steve Swink
(2003)Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals de Katie Salen Tekinbas, Eric Zimmerman
(2013)Theory of Fun for Game Design de Raph Koster
(2013)The Art of Failure: An Essay on the Pain of Playing Video Games de Jesper Juul
(2013)Critical Play: Radical Game Design de Mary Flanagan
(2012)Understanding Video Games: The Essential Introduction de Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Jonas Heide Smith, Susana Pajares Tosca
(2011)Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World de Jane McGonigal
(2014)A Game Design Vocabulary: Exploring the Foundational Principles Behind Good Game Design de Anna Anthropy, Naomi Clark
(2010)Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames de Ian Bogost
(2011)How to Do Things with Videogames de Ian Bogost
(2012)Rise of the Videogame Zinesters: How Freaks, Normals, Amateurs, Artists, Dreamers, Drop-outs, Queers, Housewives, and People Like You Are Taking Back an Art Form de Anna Anthropy
(2012)Game Design Theory de Keith Burgun
(2008)The Game Inventor’s Guidebook: How to Invent and Sell Board Games, Card Games, Role-Playing Games, & Everything in Between! de Brian Tinsman
(2006)Game Design Reader: A Rules of Play Anthology de Katie Salen, Eric Zimmerman
(2001)Man, Play and Games de Roger Caillois, Meyer Barash
(2001)The Ambiguity of Play de Brian Sutton-smith
(2014)Fundamentals of Game Design, 3/E de Ernest Adams
(2015)Game Design Vocabulary, A: Exploring the Foundational Principles Behind Good Game Design de Anna Anthropy e Naomi Clark
(2015)Players Making Decisions: Game Design Essentials and the Art of Understanding Your Players de Zack Hiwiller
(2015)Learning 2D Game Development with Unity: A Hands-On Guide to Game Creation de Matthew Johnson e James A. Henley

(2013)Unity Game Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself de Mike Geig
(2015)Unity in Action: Multiplatform Game Development in C# with Unity 5 de Joe Hocking

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Um bom site sobre estatística sobre o consumo de videojogos em Portugal e não só.
digital_media_estudo1digital_media_estudo4 digital_media_estudo3digital_media_estudo2

+infos: LINK

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Repositório interessante em espanhol acerca da história dos videojogos:

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