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Humble 7000 Icons Game Dev Bundle (uma campanha)

Mais uma campanha e desta vez um pack de icons:
Fantasy Weapon Icons
Blue Loot Box
Jewelry Icons
Armor icon pack
Flat Skills Icons
SpellBook. Page01
SpellBook. Page02
SpellBook. Page03
SpellBook. Page04
Sci-Fi Icons Pack
Sci-Fi Skill Icons Pack
Pirates Icons Pack
Witch Craft Icons
Fruit and Vegetables Icons
Gems Icons
Trading Icons
RPG Armor Sets
RPG Weapons Icons
Loot Icons
Herbal Icons
Prehistoric Age Icons
Bags And Boxes Icons
Scrolls and Books Icons
Magic Items
Potion Icons
Resources and Craft Icon Pack
Weapon and Armor Icon Pack
Fishing Icons
Hunting Icons
Forest Icons
Necromancer Icons
Sci-Fi Armor Icons
Mining Icons
Trophy Icons
Barbarian Icons
Engineering Craft Icons
Food Icon Pack
SpellBook. Page05
SpellBook. Page06
SpellBook. Page07
SpellBook. Page08
SpellBook. Page09
Skill Icon Pack
Sci-Fi Flat Skills
Strategy Game Icons

+infos(campanha): LINK

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Campanha no Humble “8-Bit Pixel Game Dev Bundle”

A campanha no Humble com o título: 8-Bit Pixel Game Dev Bundle

Os conteúdos são:
Fantasy Enemy Creatures
Pixelart Game Backgrounds
Super Pixel Objects and Items
Food and Kitchenware Pixel Art Icons
Golden Coin, Rotate Sequence
World Map Pixel Art Tileset
Game Collectable Pack Pixelart
Will’s Magic Pixel Particle Effects
Deep Forest 16 Colour Tileset
Pixel House Set
8-Bit Retro Game SFX
Arcade Item Pack
Cyber Punk Shooter
Pixel Art Spaceships for Shmup
Side-scroller Spaceships
Pixel Art Bedroom Kit
Pixel Art Tileset Collection
Adventure Package
Pixel Font Pack
Fantasy Platformer Pixelart Props
Zombie Survival
Valiant Knight Pixel Art Character
Pure 8-Bit Magic (12 Royalty Free Tracks)
Pixel Art Farm Kit
8-Bit SFX Pack
Zombie Package
Pixel Art Kitchen Kit
Castle Dungeon – Fantasy Pixelart Tileset
Pixel Art Game Kit
Customizable Pixel Art Character Kit
Fantasy Medieval
Tiny RPG Dungeon
8-Bit Tunes 8-Pack
Pixel Art Sci-fi Space Station
Pixel Art Forest Kit
Fantasy Forest Pixel Art Tileset
Music Loops for 8-Bit Games
Space Package
Simple Pirate Characters
Zombie Characters
Simple Medieval Characters

+infos(a campanha): LINK

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