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Conferência GAMEON, 21st annual European (GAME‐ON’2020)

“The aim of the 21st annual European GAMEON® Conference (GAME‐ON®’2020) on Simulation and AI in Computer Games, is to bring together researchers and games people in order to exchange ideas on programming and programming techniques, which will be beneficial to the gaming industry and academia. Secondly it aims to steer young people into this industry by providing how-to tutorials and giving them the opportunity to show their ideas and demos to the gaming industry. The conference will concentrate mostly on the programming of games, with special emphasis on simulation, AI and fuzzy sets, and physics related computer graphics. Next to that, all of this will be fused in the topic of computer game design in stand-alone and networked games. Software providers will be able to show their latest packages and give hand-on tutorials for the participants.

Companies will also have the opportunity to seek new talent at this unique event.

GAME‐ON®’2020 consists of five core tracks, which cover, Gaming Methodology, Game Theory, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence and Simulation, while the other tracks cover peripheral technologies closely linked to games design, like 3-D scalability, facial and skeletal animation, 3D in-game animation etc, Mobile Gaming and Gaming Applications such as Serious games and Gamification in different sectors; Organizational issues when implementing games; Designing games for learning; Technologies, tools and platforms for developing games for learning; Games to teach arts, science, or business; Social and collaborative aspects of game-based learning; Multi-modalaspects of game-based learning (e.g. audio, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc); Motivational aspects of game-based learning”

Core Tracks
Game Development Methodology
Game Theory – Multi-Agent Systems
Gamification and Social Game Mechanics
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
Physics and Simulation

Peripheral Tracks
3-D Scalability
Facial Animation
Skeletal Animation and Fully-Scaled Rendering
3-D In-Game Animation
Modelling of virtual worlds
AI and Simulation Tools
On-line Gaming and and online-gaming security
Voice Interaction
Cognitive Psychology
Affective Computing and Emotional Gaming
Artistic Input
Game Analysis
Serious games and Gamification in different sectors
Game Applications
Handheld Gaming Devices – Mobile Gaming and VR Gaming
Perceptual User Interfaces for Games

Datas importates:
20 de abril OU 15 de maio OU 1 de junho

+infos(oficial): https://www.eurosis.org/conf/gameon/2020/

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