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+Dicas acerca do desenvolvimento de videojogos

Não encontrei o nome do autor do post onde li algumas informações acerca de factos e dicas relacionados com o desenvolvimento de videojogos.

Coisas que afectam normalmente o sucesso de um videojogo..
Lack of creativity and innovative appeal
Interesting monetization tactics
Banal features and lack of engaging elements
Poor user acquisition
Complicated or confusing game play

1) Research to outsmart the competition
2) Determine the game platform
3) UI/UX Design should be a stunner
4) Create addictive stories
5) Create social engagement
6) Hook users with sensational sound effects
7) Don’t prioritize Monetization
8) Practice relentless testing standards
9) Introduce frequent updates
10) Be creative and proactive for Marketing

+infos(fonte): https://www.redbytes.in/how-to-make-a-video-game/

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