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IoT Hackathon 2015

“The IoT Hackathon Lisbon will be held at Lisboa Congress Centre (CCL) from 8AM to 8PM on June 16th and 17th. Thursday, June 18th, the IoT solutions will be evaluated and there will be an award ceremony within the scope of the IoT Week 2015 Lisbon.”

+infos: http://iothackathonlisbon.challengepost.com/

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Gamelab 2015 – Conferência sobre videojogos em Barcelona, Setembro

Founded in 2005, Gamelab is a non-profit organization devoted to create quality events where international professionals, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and investors from the digital entertainment space get inspired and share innovative ideas and projects.

Gamelab events connect, empower and inspire the next generation of digital creators to play an active role in shaping the future of interactive playgrounds and experiences.

+infos: LINK

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Conferência sobre a temática dos videojogos

Aqui está uma excelente conversa de “amigos” sobre a temática de videojogos. É a conferência ” – Red vs Blue” com os seguintes palestrantes:
Pedro Moreira Dias (moderador) – Salão de Jogos/Vodafone FM
Ricardo Flores Santos – Biodroid
Nuno Barreto – Titan Forged Games
Nuno Folhadela – Bica Studios
Filipe Pina – Nerd Monkeys
Sérgio Varanda – Miniclip

+infos(conferencia): https://app.sinfo.org/
infos(Biodroid): http://www.biodroid-entertainment.com/
+infos(Titan Forged Games): http://www.titanforgedgames.com/
+infos(Bica Studios): http://www.bicastudios.com/home
+infos(Nerd Monkeys): http://www.nerdmonkeys.pt/
+infos(Miniclip): LINK

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