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Concurso Command & Conquer :)

We want to heat the community again! Help us. And to help you, we start the following giveaway. Sign up with us in the forum until 15.11.2019, post mind. 1 post and link your account here under the comments. What you can win? An Original C & C 1, signed by Louis Castle the founder of Westwood studios, the genius behind command & conquer.

– create account in our forum http://foren.cncsaga.de/register/
– write at least 1 post
– link account in the comments
– win with some luck!
This giveaway will be hosted by CnCSaga.de The right path is excluded. A shipping within eu countries is possible!

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Creative Europe – MEDIA – Development video games

“To improve the competitiveness of the European video games industry, by increasing its capacity to develop European Audiovisual works with a high circulation potential, both in the EU and beyond.

European production companies with proven experience and interested in developing a video game concept or project presenting:

Originality, innovative and creative value, cultural diversity and an enhanced portrayal of Europe’s cultural identity and heritage, compared to existing mainstream works
Commercial ambition and extensive cross-border potential to reach European and international markets
Concept (to the point that the concept is realised) and project (from concept to playable prototype) development of commercial video games.

The games must have:
Originality, innovative and creative value, cultural diversity compared to mainstream works
Enhanced European cultural identity and heritage
Substantial interactivity with a narrative component
High level of ambition in terms of gameplay, user experience and artistic expression
Commercial ambition in European and international markets.
Cross-border potential

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Support for Development of European Video Games 2017


A comissão europeia tem um concurso aberto a todos aqueles que querem desenvolver videojogos na união europeia. Este concurso aberto a todos (estúdios com mais de 12 meses de actividade) permite obter fundos para ajudar no desenvolvimento de projectos nesta área.

As candidaturas são até ao inicio do mês de março.

+infos: LINK


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Lisbon Game Conference 2016 (concurso)

A Lisbon Game Conference e a Ludoteca apresentam a GDD Jam 2016.
Envia-nos a tua ideia para um jogo, cria um documento detalhado, submete-o a concurso – os melhores habilitam-se a ser apresentados na Lisbon Games Week.
Tema: Fernando Pessoa. Data limite: 30 de Setembro.
Prémios: 1° lugar – 300€ | 2° lugar – 150€ | 3° lugar – 50€

+infos(oficial): http://lisbongameconf.iscte-iul.pt/concurso-gdd

+infos(regulamento): http://lisbongameconf.iscte-iul.pt/docs/regulamento_gdd.pdf

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