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O site humble bundle está com duas promoções de livros acerca de videojogos, uma relacionado com a programação de videojogos e a outra relacionada com o design.

a primeira campanha, “Humble Book Bundle: Game Design & Puzzlecraft”, continha alguns dos seguintes livros (infelizmente não fui a tempo para retirar a lista completa):
women in tech: take your career to the next level with pratical advice and inspiring stories by Tarah Wheeler
game theory in the age o chaos by Mike Selinker
a theory of fun for game design by Raph Koster
complete kobold guide to game design by Wolfgang Baur et al.
the bones: us and our dice, by Jeff Tidball and Will Hindmarch
puzzlecraft: the dlc, by mike selinker and Thomas Snyder
level uo!: the guide to great video game design, by Scott Rogers
kobold guide to board game design: the dlc by Mike Selinker

a segunda campanha, e que por esta altura ainda está a decorrer tem os seguintes livros:
Introduction to Game Development by James Parker
Python Pocket Primer by Oswald Campesato
Digital Filmmaking by Peter Shaner
Video Game Addiction by David Olle, J. Westcott
Hollywood Studio Production Techniques by Winnie Wong
Classic Game Design by Franz Lanzinger
Video Game Writing Second Edition by Maurice Suckling, Marek Walton
Game Testing Third Edition by C. Schultz, R. Denton Bryant
Introduction to 3D Game Programming Using DirectX 11 by Frank Luna
iOS for Game Programmers by Allen Sherrod
Programming Essentials Using Java by Wm. McAllister, S.J.Fritz
3D Character Development Workshop by Erik Van Horn
Computer Graphics Programming in OpenGL with Java by V. Scott Gordon, John L. Clevenger
Python 3 Pocket Primer by James Parker
Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century Second Edition by S. Lucci, D.Kopec
Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX12 by Frank Luna
Storyboarding Second Edition by Stephanie Torta, Vladmir Minuty
Photo Restoration Using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Second Edition by Vickie Wolper
Python An Introduction to Programming by James Parker

+infos(primeira): https://www.humblebundle.com/books/puzzlecraft-books

+infos (segunda): https://www.humblebundle.com/books/program-your-own-games-books

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