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Surgiu na comunidade um relatório que foi desenvolvido a partir das respostas a questões por parte de pessoas que publicam ou publicaram na Steam.

Algumas das sugestões que são feitas estão relacionadas com:
“1. Remove ability for users to delete developers’ comments on their reviews.
2. Clarify what a developer needs to do in order to qualify for various featuring opportunities.
3. Bug reporting/technical support should be built into Steam/Steamworks. Filter issues that are Steam issues to Steam support team instead of to the developer.
4. Devs should be able to have one unified landing page for all their games.
5. The Steam Community feature needs better ways to deal with toxic users.
6. Valve should increase the overall volume of sustainable middle class developers.
7. Make reviews on the frontpage representative of the game’s review percentage.
8. The “Upcoming Games” list is becoming useless.
9. Devs should have better tools and info for tracking and identifying players who abuse/hack multiplayer, bot/farm item drops, etc.
10. Devs should have the possibility to send messages to forum users.

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