Mémoire 44 – um daqueles jogos de tabuleiro :)

Memoire 44 por pixeladventurers.com

Numbers of players 2 players (possibility to play in teams)
Recommended age From the age of 8
Duration of a game about 30 minutes
Author Richard Borg
illustrators Cyrille Daujean , Claude Rica , Julien Delval
Editor Days of Wonder
Price $ 55

Memory 44 is a strategy / wargame game in which one moves one’s units on a board to carry out one’s mission. We were surprised by the astonishing simplicity of the rules and their formidable efficiency. Mémoire 44 proposes to immerse oneself in the great battles that were decisive for the Second World War.

Few actions per turn, we must deal with the command cards that we have in hand to carry out its mission. From this constraint will be born different strategies at each part for a very consistent replayability. Respect for history and the accuracy of the introductory paragraphs of the different scenarios make it almost an educational game, but without being too insistent or cumbersome. Moreover, the refractory to the principle can completely dispense with the reading of the paragraphs.
We will never have had as much fun playing the little soldiers as in a game of Memory 44 !”

Um texto interessante acerca deste belo jogo :)

+infos(oficial): LINK

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