Emulador de jogos clássicos (cultura Japonesa)

Um emulador que permite jogar alguns dos jogos para PC desenvolvidos para o mercado japonês, e na sua maioria por japoneses.

“Atari, TANDY, Commodore, those are the names that give us fond memories of the 1980’s, when all kinds of computers and systems were popping up everywhere. In fact, the same situation existed in Japan at that same time. However, it wasn’t the IBM-PC or the Commodore 64 that was winning popularity, but instead totally unique computers.

The PC-9801, once called ‘the national computer’; the FM-7, which became the topic of conversation with its low cost and high performance; and the X68000, often called ‘Japan’s Amiga’ name just a few. A variety of computers existed, and all of the games that were being sold were also quite different than anything in the West. The influence those games had on the Japanese games of today is immeasurable. It must be said that these computers were the origin of the Japanese games industry. However, for a long time it was very difficult for anyone outside of Japan to get their hands on those games.

D4 Enterprise provides Project EGG so that you can enjoy the great games any time you want through re-released versions on Windows. We want to be thought of as a part of retro gaming history and culture and make that image known to even more people around the world as we bring them great entertainment.”

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