Game Software Engineer em Lisboa

A malta do Doppio anda à procura de um Game Software Engineer para os escritórios de Lisboa.

Da descrição da proposta consta:

“As a Game Software Engineer in our small team, your role is to:

  • Help us build great games from concept to development to launch to live service

  • Help us build our tools and platform

In this role, you will:

  • Prototype and implement voice-first game concepts on our target platforms

  • Work closely with game designers to translate ideas into code

  • Design, monitor and maintain our live services, ensuring our games are available to players 24/7/365

The following technical skills are essential for this role:

  • 3+ years server-side programming experience, particularly in Node.js/JavaScript and/or Java

  • Experience designing and deploying applications on NoSQL databases, particularly MongoDB and AWS DynamoDB

  • Experience with programming tools to create, read, and manipulate data in JSON and XML formats

These other skills are desirable for this role:

  • Experience working with live service monitoring and maintenance, particularly with services deployed in the AWS cloud

  • Prior experience or a strong interest in working in the games industry

  • Familiarity with the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), particularly the dialects used by Amazon Alexa, AWS Polly, Actions on Google (AoG), and Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

  • Experience working with AWS S3 and Git/GitHub


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