“Indie Games Are Getting Cloned Before They’re Even Out” por Cecilia D’Anastasio

Que história mais “macabra” … damms

“Earlier this month, a buddy sent game developer Ben Esposito a surprising screenshot: an Instagram ad for a game that looked a lot like the one he’d been working on for five years. Esposito is nearly finished toiling away on an indie game called Donut County, which will be released later this year by publisher Annapurna Interactive. At the tail end of this labor of love, now a copycat game called Hole.io is number one on the iOS store, and Esposito feels the need to say something.

“I went into this endeavor to make something meaningful to people and spent a long time trying to figure out what that looks like. I had to make all the little details myself. I wanted it to matter,” Esposito told me over Skype today. “They just took the elevator pitch, the unique selling point. . . It’s the message that content doesn’t matter. The message is, if you can find the content for free, take it.”

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