Day: February 20, 2021

Caravel: Set Forth

“Caravel: Set Forth”, mais um jogo com malta portuguesa no desenvolvimento :)


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Livros a ler/comprar.. prenda?

Encontrei mais uma referência de um livro que gostava de ler.. “How to create your first board game, 5º edição” por Aaron Frias .. está em campanha no kickstart.

conteudos : 
My First Board Game
Building on Your Game Idea
Common Board Game Trends
Popular Game Mechanisms
Game Journaling
Importance of Playing Modern Games
Translating Your Game Into a Spreadsheet
Your First, Hand-drawn Prototype
Solo Playtesting
Rough Prototypes
Graphic Design Tools
Design Basics
Rapid Prototyping Using the Component.Studio online tool
Printing your Prototypes
How to 3D print components for your game
Using Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator to Upload, Pitch and Test Your Game
Group Playtesting
Pitching to Publishers
Blind Playtesting
Self-Publishing Basics
Kickstarter Basics
Kickstarter Video Basics
Rules Guide Recommendations
Shipping Basics
Mass Manufacturing Options
Lessons Learned

e  o livro.. “The Board Game Designer’s Guide: The Easy 4 Step Process to Create Amazing Games That People Can’t Stop Playing” por Joe Slack

+infos(a campanha) LINK

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