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Livros :)

Retro Gaming: A Byte-sized History of Video Games – From Atari to Zelda, por Mike Diver
+infos(loja): LINK

A Brief History Of Video Games: From Atari to Virtual Reality (Brief Histories), por Rich Stanton
+infos(loja): LINK

Games, Design and Play: A Detailed Approach to Iterative Game Design por Colleen Macklin
+infos(loja): LINK

Indie Games : The Complete Introduction to Indie Gaming, por Mike Diver
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A Compendium of ZX Spectrum Games – Volume One por Kieren Hawken

Vai ficar disponível este mês o livro A Compendium of ZX Spectrum Games – Volume One por Kieren Hawken, que resulta do compêndio de outros textos do mesmo autor. É um livro de apresentação de vários jogos que sairam para este fantástico computador :)

+infos(loja): LINK

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Livros de anotações grátis de várias linguagens de programação

Aqui está um site cujos autores desconheço que oferecem PDFs de livros acerca de várias linguagens de programação.

Destaco os seguintes:
Algorithms Notes for Professionals book
Android™ Notes for Professionals book
C Notes for Professionals book
C++ Notes for Professionals book
C# Notes for Professionals book
Entity Framework Notes for Professionals book
Git® Notes for Professionals book
HTML5 Canvas Notes for Professionals book
Java® Notes for Professionals book
JavaScript® Notes for Professionals book
jQuery® Notes for Professionals book
jQuery® Notes for Professionals book
Kotlin® Notes for Professionals book
PHP Notes for Professionals book
TypeScript Notes for Professionals book

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Mais umas referências de livros acerca do game design

Aqui estão mais umas boas referências de livros acerca do desenvolvimento de videojogos :)

A Theory of Fun for Game Design de Raph Koster

The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses de Jesse Schell

Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games de Tracy Fullerton

Challenges for Game Designers de Brenda Brathwaite & Ian Schreiber

Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World de Jane McGonigal

Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design de Scott Rogers

Game Feel: A Game Designer’s Guide to Virtual Sensation de Steve Swink

How Games Move Us: Emotion by Design (Playful Thinking) de Katherine Isbister

On Game Design de Chris Crawford

Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish de Lewis Pulsipher

+infos(fonte): LINK


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Livros sobre videojogos

Apareceram no mercado mais dois livros de introdução a ambientes gráficos para o desenvolvimento de videojogos e que são:
Unity 2018 Game Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself, 3rd Edition – LINK
Godot Engine Game Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself: The Official Guide to Godot 3.0 – LINK

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The Indie Game Developer Handbook

Gostava de ter acesso a este livro: The Indie Game Developer Handbook

Os principais tópicos deste livro são:
Indie Game Development
Development Tools and Resources
QA, Localisations and Age Ratings
PR and Reaching Out to the Press
Websites, Forums and Source Control
Tax, Legal and Other Odds and Ends

+infos(loja): LINK

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Video Games You Will Never Play (auto-prenda)

Aqui está um livro que gostava de ler, e que provavelmente vai ser uma auto-prenda. O titulo do livro é Video Games You Will Never Play e os seus autores é a comunidade Unseen64.

video games you will never play by unseen64

+infos(oficial): LINK

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Livros sobre videojogos

Se o tema é livros é super interessante mas se o tema/discussão for videojogos ainda melhor :)

Aqui fica a partilha e o registo de uma lista fantástica acerca de livros que falam sobre videojogos:

Books about classic and must-play games:
1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die
An Illustrated History of 151 Video Games: A detailed guide to the most important games; explores five decades of game evolution
The 200 Best Video Games of All Time (Color Edition)
The Gamer’s Bucket List: The 50 Video Games to Play Before You Die

Books on popular video game series and genres:
Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide To The Halo Universe
Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Castlevania
Legends of Localization Book 1: The Legend of Zelda
Silent Hill: The Terror Engine
The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures
The History of Sonic
The Making of Prince of Persia
The Unofficial Guide to Konami Shooters

Books on video game history:
A Casual Revolution
A Gremlin in the Works
Atari Inc. Business is Fun
Atari to Zelda: Japan’s Videogames in Global Contexts
Bible Adventures
Commodork: Sordid Tales from a BBS Junkie
Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation
Game Over: How Nintendo Conquered the World
It’s Behind You
Masters of Doom
Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman
Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames
Playing at the Next Level: A History of American Sega Games
Playing at the World
Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life (2016 ed.)
Replay: The History of Video Games
Service Games: The Rise and Fall of SEGA
Speccy Nation: A tribute to the golden age of British gaming
The A-Z of cool computer games
The Bitmap Brothers: Universe
The History of Nintendo 1889-1980 SC
The History of Ocean Software
The Story of US Gold
The Ultimate History of Video Games
The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Volume 1
The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Volume 2
Video Games You Will Never Play
Videogames: In the Beginning

Books on specific consoles & computers:
Game Boy World 1989 | XL Color Edition: A History of Nintendo Game Boy
Good Nintentions: 30 Years of NES: An Unofficial Survey of the Nintendo Entertainment System (Volume 1)
Racing the Beam: The Atari Video Computer System
I Am Error: The Nintendo Family Computer / Entertainment System Platform
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works
Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal

Video Game Artbooks and Coffee Table books:
Art of Grasshopper Manufacture
Assassin’s Creed: The Complete Visual History
Border Break Artworks
Capcom Design Works
DISGAEArt!!! Disgaea Official Illustration Collection
Dark Souls: Design Works
Dawn: The Worlds Of Final Fantasy
Half Life 2: Raising the Bar
Hyrule Historia
Japanese game graphics
Monster Hunter Illustrations 2
Okami Official Complete Works
Persona 3: Official Design Works
Persona 4: Official Design Works
Senran Kagura: Official Design Works
Shigenori Soejima Art Works 2004-2010
Shin Megami Tensei IV: Official Artworks
Super Famicom the Box Art Collection
The Art of Alice: Madness Returns
The Art of Atari
The Art of Game Worlds
The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants
The Art of The Last of Us
The Art of The Mass Effect Universe
The Art of Uncharted 4
The Eyes of Bayonetta: Art Book & DVD
The Legend of Heroes: The Illustrations
The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy
The World of Professor Layton

Books on video game design, theory & social effects:
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8 Bits of Wisdom: Video Game Lessons for Real Life’s Endbosses
A Game Design Vocabulary
Avant-garde Videogames: Playing with Technoculture
Beyond Choices: The Design of Ethical Gameplay
Death by Video Game: Tales of obsession from the virtual frontline
Embed with Games: A Year on the Couch with Game Developers
Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter
Getting Gamers: The Psychology of Video Games and Their Impact on the People who Play Them
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution
Half-Real: Video Games between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds
How to Do Things with Videogames
How to Talk About Videogames
Imaginary Games
Introduction to Game Analysis
Killing is Harmless
Philosophy Through Video Games
Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice
Rise of the Videogame Zinesters
Swords & Circuitry: A Designer’s Guide to Role-Playing Games
The Art of Failure: An Essay on the Pain of Playing Video Games
Trigger Happy
Understanding Video Games: The Essential Introduction
Values at Play in Digital Games
What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy

Fiction books based or inspired by video games:
Aspho Fields (Gears of War)
Deus Ex: Icarus Effect
God Jr.
Halo – Boxed Set
Ico: Castle In The Mist
Mass Effect: Retribution
Ready Player One
The Stolen Throne (Dragon Age)
The Umbrella Conspiracy (Resident Evil)

+infos(a fonte): LINK 

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Livro: Polished Game Development From First Steps to Final Release de Steven Goodwin

Aqui está um livro com temas que eu gosto :)  Vou ver se consigo ter acesso a ele quando sair lá para agosto :)

+infos(loja): LINK

Referências bibliográficas para C

Reference Style – All Levels



Above Intermediate

+infos(lista completa): LINK

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Referências bibliográficas para C++

Introductory, with previous programming experience

  • C++ Primer * (Stanley Lippman, Josée Lajoie, and Barbara E. Moo) (updated for C++11) Coming at 1k pages, this is a very thorough introduction into C++ that covers just about everything in the language in a very accessible format and in great detail. The fifth edition (released August 16, 2012) covers C++11. [Review]
  • A Tour of C++ (Bjarne Stroustrup) The “tour” is a quick (about 180 pages and 14 chapters) tutorial overview of all of standard C++ (language and standard library, and using C++11) at a moderately high level for people who already know C++ or at least are experienced programmers. This book is an extended version of the material that constitutes Chapters 2-5 of The C++ Programming Language, 4th edition.
  • Accelerated C++ (Andrew Koenig and Barbara Moo) This basically covers the same ground as the C++ Primer, but does so on a fourth of its space. This is largely because it does not attempt to be an introduction to programming, but an introduction to C++ for people who’ve previously programmed in some other language. It has a steeper learning curve, but, for those who can cope with this, it is a very compact introduction into the language. (Historically, it broke new ground by being the first beginner’s book to use a modern approach at teaching the language.) [Review]
  • Thinking in C++ (Bruce Eckel) Two volumes; is a tutorial style free set of intro level books. Downloads: vol 1, vol 2. Unfortunately they’re marred by a number of trivial errors (e.g. maintaining that temporaries are automatically const), with no official errata list. A partial 3rdparty errata list is available at (, but it’s apparently not maintained.

* Not to be confused with C++ Primer Plus (Stephen Prata), with a significantly less favorable review.

Best practices

  • Effective C++ (Scott Meyers) This was written with the aim of being the best second book C++ programmers should read, and it succeeded. Earlier editions were aimed at programmers coming from C, the third edition changes this and targets programmers coming from languages like Java. It presents ~50 easy-to-remember rules of thumb along with their rationale in a very accessible (and enjoyable) style. For C++11 and C++14 the examples and a few issues are outdated and Effective Modern C++ should be preferred. [Review]
  • Effective Modern C++ (Scott Meyers) This is basically the new version of Effective C++, aimed at C++ programmers making the transition from C++03 to C++11 and C++14.
  • Effective STL (Scott Meyers) This aims to do the same to the part of the standard library coming from the STL what Effective C++ did to the language as a whole: It presents rules of thumb along with their rationale. [Review]


  • More Effective C++ (Scott Meyers) Even more rules of thumb than Effective C++. Not as important as the ones in the first book, but still good to know.
  • Exceptional C++ (Herb Sutter) Presented as a set of puzzles, this has one of the best and thorough discussions of the proper resource management and exception safety in C++ through Resource Acquisition is Initialization (RAII) in addition to in-depth coverage of a variety of other topics including the pimpl idiom, name lookup, good class design, and the C++ memory model.[Review]
  • More Exceptional C++ (Herb Sutter) Covers additional exception safety topics not covered inExceptional C++, in addition to discussion of effective object oriented programming in C++ and correct use of the STL. [Review]
  • Exceptional C++ Style (Herb Sutter) Discusses generic programming, optimization, and resource management; this book also has an excellent exposition of how to write modular code in C++ by using nonmember functions and the single responsibility principle. [Review]
  • C++ Coding Standards (Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu) “Coding standards” here doesn’t mean “how many spaces should I indent my code?” This book contains 101 best practices, idioms, and common pitfalls that can help you to write correct, understandable, and efficient C++ code. [Review]
  • C++ Templates: The Complete Guide (David Vandevoorde and Nicolai M. Josuttis) This is thebook about templates as they existed before C++11. It covers everything from the very basics to some of the most advanced template metaprogramming and explains every detail of how templates work (both conceptually and at how they are implemented) and discusses many common pitfalls. Has excellent summaries of the One Definition Rule (ODR) and overload resolution in the appendices. A second edition is scheduled for 2016. [Review]


  • Modern C++ Design (Andrei Alexandrescu) A groundbreaking book on advanced generic programming techniques. Introduces policy-based design, type lists, and fundamental generic programming idioms then explains how many useful design patterns (including small object allocators, functors, factories, visitors, and multimethods) can be implemented efficiently, modularly, and cleanly using generic programming. [Review]
  • C++ Template Metaprogramming (David Abrahams and Aleksey Gurtovoy)
  • C++ Concurrency In Action (Anthony Williams) A book covering C++11 concurrency support including the thread library, the atomics library, the C++ memory model, locks and mutexes, as well as issues of designing and debugging multithreaded applications.
  • Advanced C++ Metaprogramming (Davide Di Gennaro) A pre-C++11 manual of TMP techniques, focused more on practice than theory. There are a ton of snippets in this book, some of which are made obsolete by typetraits, but the techniques, are nonetheless useful to know. If you can put up with the quirky formatting/editing, it is easier to read than Alexandrescu, and arguably, more rewarding. For more experienced developers, there is a good chance that you may pick up something about a dark corner of C++ (a quirk) that usually only comes about through extensive experience.

+infos(lista completa): LINK

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A ler/consultar..

Atari to Zelda: Japan’s Videogames in Global Contexts por Mia Consalvo


+infos: LINK

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Livros sobre videojogos no MIT

Livros que gostava de ter acesso:

(2012)Characteristics of games
(2014)Computer games for learning: an evidence-based approach – 304p
(2014)Developers dilemma: the secret world of videogame creators – 352p
(2012)Engineering play
(2011)Handbook of computer game studies
(2011)In game: immersion to incorporation
(2014)Processing: a programming handbook 2nd ed
(2003)Rules of play: game design fundamentals
(2014)Values at play in digital games – 224p
(2015)Video games around the world – 720p
(2011)Educational Videogame Design – 120p – LINK
(2015)Uma Aula No Videogame – 288p – LINK

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Livros sobre design de videojogos..

Aqui estão mais alguns livros sobre design de videojogos aos quais eu gostava de pôr os meus olhos:

Game design

Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish (LINK)

Game design

Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development: From Concept to Playable Game – with Unity and C# (LINK)

Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games, Third Edition (LINK)

The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design (LINK)


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Livros de videojogos


(2014)Estruturas de Dados com Jogos de Roberto Ferrari

(2014)Fundamentos para o Desenvolvimento de Jogos Digitais de Eucidio Pimenta Arruda


(2013)Tecnologias de Programação de Jogos de Nuno Magalhães Ribeiro, José Braga de Vasconcelos


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Livros de programação

a ver:


(2015)Programação em Python – Introdução à programação utilizando múltiplos paradigmas de João Pavão Martins


(2014)Programação Algoritmos e Estruturas de Dados (3ª Edição) de João Pedro Neto


(2013)C e Algoritmos de Alexandre Pereira




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